13 beauty trends from the year 2000 are taking over K-Pop | Photos and expert advice

The Y2K wave has officially splashed all over America’s beauty and fashion trends. The cheeky, cute and colorful vibes of the debut have also caught on in Seoul, South Korea, and in music videos for hit K-pop songs, like Somi’s “Dumb Dumb”, “You Can’t Sit With Us.” by Sunmi, ”and“ Weekend ”by Taeyeon are pretty solid (and astonishing) proof of this.

K-pop stars are bringing the Y2K aesthetic to their hair, makeup and nails in droves. So many retro looks are back that we can barely keep up with, but some of our favorites include baby braids, black nail polish, and chunky glitter makeup. (We’ll dive into each – and many, many more – below.)

Even Unistella’s Eunkyung Park can personally attest to the growing popularity of Y2K beauty trends in Korea – and even bolstered it with her designs for Blackpink, DPR, Somi and Sunmi. The Seoul-based nail artist was just starting out in the industry in the 2000s. Back then, manicures were actually turning more to the conservative and simpler side in Seoul.

“The era of nail art was just beginning then”, she says Seduce. “We nail artists had a bit of a hard time exploring what we could do without caring too much about what people would say. I like the way that [Y2K] has become a trend now, so we can all try different things on nails without being judged. “

However, early 2000s K-pop groups like SES, Fin.KL, Baby VOX, and SHINHWA all had pretty much the same looks that we now see in their hair and makeup, like tendrils, Shiny pastel eye shadows, and accessories for thick hair. Keep scrolling to see how today’s K-pop stars are giving Y2K beauty trends twists and turns.

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