13 timeless bandanas, hair scarves to incorporate into your summer style

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When it comes to glamorous summer style, no one has done it better than the OG It-girls: Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. From oversized sunglasses to sleek lightweight dresses, the three fashion icons led the way with memorable and defining sartorial choices that continue to make their mark in today’s warmer seasons. Such an understated style that still particularly resonates? The bandana, which was a quintessential summer accessory on sunnier days for Kennedy, Kelly and Hepburn as they relaxed by the sea or cruised the French Riviera in 0pen convertibles. Come on, what could be more glamorous than that?

Typically styled over the hair and tied under the chin or at the back of the neck, these iconic lightweight silk squares exude elegance and sophistication and are an understated yet chic alternative to wide-brimmed hats. These small but mighty fabrics are so versatile that they can also be worn around a ponytail or bun, like a bandeau top, tied into a cute barrette, or even draped around the shoulders depending on the cut. If you needed further proof of its toughness and timelessness, face-framing headwear has made a steady return to the runways in recent years, with fashion houses like Gucci and Versace incorporating them into their new styles. It’s even a wardrobe staple for Queen Elizabeth, who often wears a Hermès scarf as part of her more sporty, everyday style.

You don’t need to think twice: grab the trend just in time for summer and shop our favorite picks below.

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Tatersale Zigzag Scarf 45

Do like Her Majesty and keep your hair intact with one of Hermès’ beloved patterned silk scarves.


Lotus paisley print bandana

Adopt the babushka style with a paisley print bandana that doubles as a chic scarf.

Whether you’re running errands, getting your hands dirty in the garden, or relaxing by the seaside with a glass of rose, this bandana has you covered, literally and figuratively.

A floral wrap for the summer? Innovative.


Printed silk twill scarf

This one, by Gucci, begs to be worn on your next getaway.

Bold designs and vibrant hues are a surefire way to make you stand out on a sunny day.


Floral-print silk-twill scarf

A silk-blend scarf with romantic flowers that you can tie and tie around your ponytail or neck that has a date written on it.

Red cherries will add an adorable touch to your summer ensemble.


Cotton Voile Nautical Scarf

A lightweight bandana with a nautical touch, it hasn’t been more than that.


Cloud print silk scarf

Hepburn loved silk scarves so much that she wore a very memorable pink one to her wedding to Andrea Dotti. Emulate his style with this cheerful take on Emilio Pucci.


Boquet Pink & Blue Silk Scarf

This floral scarf is the perfect finishing touch to any casual look, whether it’s jeans and a tee or a flowy black maxi.

When your hair is just having a day, this bandana will come to the rescue in style.


Martina lace scarf

Everything about this lace bandana screams summer at the Riveria.

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