15 Best Hair Masks 2022 – Moisturizing Masks for Healthy Hair

Iryna Veklich

Could your hair be in need of a little refreshing? Maybe you’re struggling with brittle, dry ends, or maybe your highlights seem more brassy than vibrant. Whatever the reason, a reliable hair mask goes a long way in bringing your hair back to life. Hair masks can provide much-needed hydration, give your color a little shine, and make you feel like you’ve walked out of the salon, without the hassle and bill-free.

But just like face masks, hair masks come in a ton of different varieties. The right one depends on a few key factors including your hair type, texture, and specific needs. Want to get rid of flyaways or straighten frizzy hair? Look for a mask with moisturizing ingredients like jojoba seed oil. Trying to get the perfect nighttime hair? Shea butter softens while panthenol restores shine for a shiny look. Whichever hair mask you choose, most formulas contain concentrated ingredients that work on the hyperdrive to deliver results you can actually see. and feel – and almost instantly, at that.

How often should you indulge in hair mask treatment? It depends! Usually it’s once a week, but it all depends on which mask you choose. That doesn’t mean to say that you shouldn’t take advantage of it every time your hair needs a little extra TLC. If you’ve had a series of inexplicably bad hair days lately, a hair mask might be just what you need for a total reset. To start your hair makeover journey, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best hair masks to incorporate into your hair care routine, regardless of hair type. Personal Care Sunday is officially getting a lot more opulent, and frankly, we are. are. here. for. this!

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this deep revitalizing mask

Verb ghost hair mask

If your hair has become brittle, this mask will give it the essential rebound and hydration thanks to glycerin and moringa seed oil. Plus, you don’t need much to make an impact – a simple spoonful is all it takes.


this ultra-hydrating mask

Biolage HydraSource Deep Treatment Pack

Enhance the texture of your hair with this mask that claims aloe and spirulina extract among its ingredients. You will get softer, shinier and less frizzy hair, with a subtle fruity scent as well.


this repairing mask

Kiehl’s Deep Repair Olive Oil Hair Mask

Enriched with olive and avocado oils, this moisturizing mask is perfect for hair that has been affected by sun exposure and excessive heat styling. And if you live in a warm place, it will help your hair to absorb moisture.


this mask that defines curls

Pattern processing mask

Thanks to rice water ferment and moringa seed extractthis mask acts to soften and strengthen the hair, while strengthening the definition of curls. It has a thick gel-like texture which makes it super luxurious when applied.


this mask for fine hair

Ouai care mask for fine to medium hair

With fine hair, this one’s for you. With shea butter, panthenol and keratin, your hair will be stronger and shinier, while work to minimize the risk of breakage.


this mask for every hair type

Adwoa Beauty Blue Tansy Repairing Mask

This indulgent mask has a creamy, whipped texture and a scent that is slightly reminiscent of fresh jasmine. Pro tip: Pair it with a heated cap for half an hour to get ultra hydration and softness.


this argan oil mask

Hair mask with argan oil from Morocco

Use this hydrating mask once or twice a week to combat dryness and dull complexion. It smooths unruly hair without weighing the hair down, and the citrus-floral scent is a nice added bonus.


this leave-in mask

Briogeo Leave-In Mask

This lightweight, leave-in mask comes in the form of a practical sprayso you can give your hair more love even when you are on the go. It is suitable for all hair textures and is ideal for dry, damaged and / or chemically treated hair.


this taming mask

Coco and Eve as a virgin hair mask

Do you have really long hair that might need to be untangled? Tap into the regenerating properties of coconut, shea butter and argan oilthat we all find in this cult best-selling mask.


this vegan mask

Sienna Naturals Plant-Based Power Repair Mask

Powered by pea protein, this mask works to increase hydration and prevent breakage, even if you have protein sensitive, low porosity hair. Soothing blue tansy oil for scalp calms and also prevents irritation.


this smoothing mask

Triple Brazilian Butter â„¢ Hair Repair Treatment

This hair mask combines three Brazilian butters (Cupuaçu, Murumuru and Tucumã) to provide intense hydration, deep nutrition and more resistance to hair breakage. It also adds moisture without a build-up of sticky product.


this hair softening mask

Amika Soulfood nourishing hair mask

Is your hair the victim of overtreatment? Try this hydrating mask with jojoba and sea buckthorn seed oil that smoothes frizzleaving it so soft and tangle free.


this detangling mask

Marc Anthony Grow Long Hair Mask

Strengthen your split ends and protect yourself against future breakage in just three to five minutes with this strengthening mask. And if the knots take hold of your life, this mask softens while helping you comb your hair with ease.


this night mask

TPH After Dark Night Mask

When your hair is in need of serious rejuvenation, try this revitalizing night mask that infused with grape seed oil, horsetail extract, shea butter and mango seed butter.


this hydrating mask

Hair Mask Vitamins Keratin

Deep penetrating and ultra hydrating, this mask hydrates hair from root to tip, leaving a silky finish. Formula wAlong with biotin and castor oil, it is especially beneficial for bleached and colored hair.

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