7 unpopular opinions on Alice, according to Reddit

The lively and exuberant Alice is a fan favorite of dusk and diehard fans can’t get enough of Edward’s vampire sister. They share an indestructible bond with each other, and Alice’s warm and loving reaction to Bella’s appearance in the Cullens’ lives is greatly appreciated by fans of the franchise.

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Being such a popular character, Reddit is full of forums that discuss the trendy vampire in great detail. Sometimes the opinions of these fans are controversial or extremely entertaining. However, there are a few that may be deemed unpopular by fans and would certainly cause huge debate within the community.

7 She and Bella weren’t really friends

Rosalie, Alice and Bella look at each other in a mirror as Bella prepares for her wedding to Breaking Dawn.

One of the most important plot points in Twilight was the sweet friendship that Bella and Alice shared. However, there are a few fans, like Reddit user Jolie842, who weren’t convinced by their camaraderie, and felt that Alice treated Bella more like a “doll than her best friend”.

As a vampire, Alice was going to be different from Bella’s more modern friends. His way of showing affection to Bella was to give her the best clothes and accessories – his love language was giving and doing service. She always sided with Bella, accepted her before Edward even did, and drove across the country to check on her. New Moon, so it’s a little unfair to say that she wasn’t a true friend of Bella’s.

6 Alice running away in Breaking Dawn was irrelevant

To keep everyone safe, Alice and Jasper made the family believe they had run away, as they went to find Nahuel to prove that Renesmee was not dangerous for the Volturi. Reddit user predoucheous felt her demeanor was out of character, stating that “The vision of the Volturi was threatening and not what I would consider Alice’s personality. And then at the end for the big reveal, she’s in business mode. Where is the best friend Bella ever had? “

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Truth be told, Alice’s actions in breaking Dawn were exactly in keeping with his protective nature for his family. She knew she had to hide her thoughts from Edward, so she did what was best and let the Cullens think they had abandoned them. Alice knew that staying away was better for the family, and she wanted to keep them safe even if it meant they thought badly of her.

5 She wanted Bella to get a paper cut

Twilight New Moon Carlisle Bella

A very controversial opinion of Reddit user Tall_Phrase_9367 is that the little paper cut that spawned the eerie chain of events in New Moon were orchestrated by Alice. They state that “it is just as likely that Alice authorized Bella to get a paper cut too … She filters through possible futures and acts when she wants to solidify the future she wants […] Alice’s brother becomes irrational and refuses to change Bella, creating a series of unnecessary problems for the Cullen and Forks family. “

There are too many flaws in this conspiratorial opinion, the first being that Alice would never want Jasper’s sobriety to suffer like she did because of the paper cut, and that she wouldn’t want to hurt either. Bella or her brother that way. This road is too evil for someone as sweet and happy as Alice, and she believed in free will and choice. She was one of the most powerful vampires in dusk, but his morality was stronger.

4 She let Bella escape to Phoenix

In a similar vein, a few Redditors believe that Alice was a mastermind who used her powers in a more sinister way than readers thought possible. Reddit user Happy-case said “Maybe Alice saw Bella’s plan to escape him from the hotel because she saw that if James had never really caught Bella in Phoenix, he might have ended up chasing her for a while. so I think that fits your idea of ​​Alice being willing to take some risks for the long term benefit of the family.

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One crucial thing to remember is that Edward could read minds, and he was particularly attentive to Alice’s mind because they communicated telepathically most of the time. The possibility of Bella being killed by James was too high for Alice to take the risk, and Edward would have known as soon as he reached Phoenix if Alice had known, which would have destroyed their relationship forever. It is unlikely that Alice let the course of events unfold knowingly.

3 There was no real reason she loved Jasper

Alice and Jasper smile together at dawn

Jasper and Alice’s romance is one for the books, but not everyone agrees on that. Some believe that there was no real connection between the two vampires. “I mean, Jasper is very empathetic and Alice usually always has good vibes, which explains that side very well. But other than her visions, what would Alice find endearing about Jasper? noted Reddit user Prestigious_Ad3332.

It’s safe to say that the two lost vampires fled, literally. Jasper had been loved by a woman who had used him as a pawn, and he had been surrounded by violence, which hit him more than the others since he could read emotions. Fans of books dusk would know that Alice had spent her life locked in a sanatorium and left alone when she was transformed. Her visions of Jasper kept her motivated to continue living and finding him, and Jasper finally had someone who truly cared for him and could show him a peaceful path to life. As supernatural beings, there is magic in their love affair, which contributes to the drama of it.

2 His changing appearances were unnecessary

Alice Cullen Twilight

The appearance of the small but mighty vampire was integral to her character, so people were predictably troubled by some of the style changes Alice went through in the movies. Her pixie haircut was a highlight, and Reddit user siniylia said “Alice’s hair is getting shorter and shorter. ugh … just WHY ?? I mean Ashley Greene can definitely rock a pixie, but her hair was perfect in dusk! Vampires aren’t supposed to change their appearance anyway. “

While Reddit is keen on changing appearances, Alice was the only Cullen who was obsessed with fashion. She loved to stay in fashion and buy new clothes, so why would hairstyles be exempt from it? The vampire could very well go to a salon and have their hair cut, or hair extensions done, or even have a family member do it for them (as chances are they have a hairdressing degree. hidden somewhere). Some dusk the characters didn’t look good in the movies, but Alice certainly did.

1 She should have swam to Italy with Bella

Twilight New Moon Alice Cullen

A delightfully hilarious take on Alice’s choice of transport to Italy with Bella is a hot topic of discussion on the reddit forums, with many posters wondering why they had to take a 3-hour flight to Italy then. that they could have swam to Europe. Reddit user Klaraboew debated “When I watch New Moon, I think that instead of flying to Italy, Bella should have [held on to] Alice as she swam across the ocean. “

So much about it is weird in a way that makes you laugh out loud. It would be utterly impossible for Bella to remain attached to Alice if she swam to Italy, let alone the weather, the wildlife, and the difficulty of the journey for both the human and the vampire. A plane would also be much faster than swimming, hands down.

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