Aaron Rodgers’ Man Bun is at stake in a golf bet with Charles Barkley

At this year’s American Century Championship Celebrity Golf Tournament, Aaron Rodgers has more at stake than just his reputation as a golfer.

His compatriot Charles Barkley bet the Packers quarterback in june The match VI that if Barkley finishes ahead of Rodgers in the standings, then he can cut his infamous man bun. On the other hand, if Rodgers ranks higher than Barkley, which is often the case, the NBA legend will donate $25,000 to Rodgers’ charity of choice, the North Valley Community Foundation.

The bet does not come out of nowhere. Barkley has previously made it clear he disapproves of the quarterback hairstyle, which he debuted at the start of the 2021 NFL season.

“Just because you’re too cheap to cut your hair doesn’t mean you can’t style it,” Barkley said a month ago, via USA today. “Dude, here’s $25. Go to Fantastic Sam and get this thing cut off the back of your head. It’s not a style because you don’t cut your hair. But Aaron is a much better golfer than me, but I’ll be happy to donate to his charity.

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Based on previous results, it looks like Barkley may not get his wish to cut Rodgers’ hair. Last year, Rodgers finished 24th in the field, while Barkley tied for 76th.

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