Auburn hair color ideas and inspiration for every style

  • Auburn is a rich, reddish brown hair color.
  • The vibrant red shade is suitable for all skin tones and is suitable for blonde or brown hair.
  • You can find auburn hair color ideas for fall to change up your look.

Auburn hair is vastly underrated. The vibrant, bold, reddish-brown shade works for all skin tones and suits all hair colors (depending on the base shade, of course), and is fun and non-traditional without being too intimidating to try. It’s never a bad time to change your look, but if you’ve been hesitating about going auburn for a while now, fall is a great time to take the plunge.

The beauty of this dark red-brown hue is that blondes and brunettes can join in on the action, and there are a variety of iterations to choose from. “If you’re ready to switch to red, keep the undertones of undertones in mind when choosing your powerful color,” Denver-based hairstylist and Overtone brand ambassador Douglas Michel said POPSUGAR. “Keep your skin tone and eye color in mind when choosing the right shade – these are great northern stars in your navigation.”

Auburn is also a great shade for anyone looking for a low maintenance hairstyle as it continues to look beautiful as it grows and fades. “With reds, most people look stellar with a mix of different shades of red – dark or light,” Michael said.

Nothing says falling like rich, warm shades of copper, caramel, honey and chestnut, so keep scrolling for more auburn hair color ideas and inspiration.

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