Bayonetta 3 enters 2022 with its best hairstyle yet and giant Kaiju battles

Bayonetta 3 is still happening, just as PlatinumGames promised. During today’s Nintendo Direct, the action heroine PlatinumGames showed off her brand new release window and brand new release window in 2022.

You saw her with a good beehive before swapping things for a sleek, short haircut in the 2014 sequel, but now Bayo’s magical hair takes the form of fancy braided pigtails that wrap around her outfit. . Of course, her long locks are part of her wizarding skills, but this new look has to be the most powerful yet.

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In Today’s Direct, Bayonetta returns with a new trailer that finally confirms a launch window four years after the project was initially revealed. There is a lot of familiar action and gunfire as Bayo blows up kaiju type enemies. She finally evokes her own monster, and if you know her adventures, you know that her hair is a vector of it. This is why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.

Pay close attention, if you’ve played some of Kamiya’s other games, you might notice a nod and a nod to the previous work. The new footage starts off with a bit of bait and change with the Astral Chain puppy mascot, and at the very end you might notice a little Devil May Cry imagery – I announced loud and clear that it was. Vergil before realizing it wasn’t Vergil.

Hairstyling’s incredible powers aside, this all corresponds to an earlier leak from the official Nintendo Japan site. Kamiya tried to warn us that Bayonetta would eventually show up, urging people to wait until Platinum was ready, but fans started to panic after she failed to show up at this year’s E3.

Recently, Bayonetta voice actress Hellena Taylor also raised concerns about the status of the project – or at least concerns about her involvement – after comments made on Twitter. “The greatest gift from Bayonetta is my lovely fans,” Taylor said. When a fan replied that they couldn’t imagine Bayonetta without Taylor’s voice, she replied, “Well, you might have to.”

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