Black inventor creates first patented commercial hair dryer

The new product was created to effectively prep hair extensions for installation, killing germs with UV light, softening hair with ION treatment, while cutting hair extensions drying time in half.

Jody Sterling made history as the creator of the first patented commercial hair dryer, developed to efficiently prepare hair extensions for installation, while using innovative technology to cut drying time by more than half. what is currently needed.

The talented black inventor is the founder and CEO of Sterling Hair Solutions – an innovative company whose mission is to develop and deliver the best innovative technologies, user experience and products for the health and beauty industry.

“We focus on product innovations that enhance the user experience for customers and salons, delivering the best innovative technology for the health and beauty industry.”

the Sterling dryer is the culmination of Jody Sterling’s 33 years of experience as a hairstylist, 16 of which involved owning and managing a hair salon specializing in the provision of her extension services. Jody realized that the current practice of drying extensions with a hand-held hair dryer for over an hour was extremely inefficient, robbing beauty salons of valuable time and profits.

His latest invention, the Sterling hair dryer, uses innovative technology to create a efficient hair dryer which not only cuts drying time in half, but also kills bacteria with UV light and softens hair with ION treatment.

The lightweight portable unit features a digital control panel with an on/off switch, as well as an easy-to-use touchscreen interface, along with three speed setting options. As well as being made from heat-resistant, cool-to-the-touch material, the Sterling dryer also provides special holders that accommodate different hair lengths, as well as an adjustable removable tray for hair color. extension and chemical treatment.

By reducing extended drying time from over an hour to just under 30 minutes or less, the new device will significantly reduce customer waiting times and increase salon revenue by giving them more time to take care of more customers.

Sterling Hair Solution is committed to remaining continually dedicated to new product innovation for a more efficient and technology-driven health and beauty industry. Anyone looking for detailed information on the new product’s amazing specifications can visit the company’s website to learn more.

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