Boy, 8, has his long hair cut off after grandparents said it’s ‘not for boys’ and left it tangled

A mother has become furious after her son was forced to cut his long hair because his grandparents refused to help him brush it – as they claimed it was ‘not for boys’

The boy hoped to donate his hair to charity

We all have the ability to express ourselves however we choose, and no matter how we identify with ourselves, we can make our own choices about the clothes we wear and the hairstyle we have.

But an eight-year-old boy was stripped of that choice after staying with his grandparents for three weeks and coming home with his long hair completely tangled – meaning he had no other choice but to have them cut.

Posting a video on TikTok, the boy’s mother explained that her son was in quarantine with his grandparents after they tested positive for Covid, and even though they were told he sometimes needed help to brush the back of her hair, they refused to give her a hand.

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According to the mother, his parents think boys shouldn’t have long hair, so they ‘neglected’ their grandson’s needs and eventually caused braids so bad the young boy needed to have his hair removed. lock of hair.

The boy had grown out his hair for four years and wanted to donate his locks to the charity Wigs for Kids – which helps make wigs for children suffering hair loss from chemotherapy – a once he had finished.

In a video posted to the mother’s account, @xanthehorrorfan, she explained, “My son was quarantined with his grandparents for three weeks. They neglected him because they thought boys shouldn’t have long hair.

“He’s been growing his hair for four years with the intention of donating. After 12 hours of detangling, he agreed it was time to cut it.

Her grandparents refused to help her brush her hair



He had to have it cut



“He is able to brush his hair but sometimes needs help with his back. His grandparents refused to help him because of their own personal beliefs and claimed my son was responsible for his matted hair. “

The woman’s son was determined to keep as much hair intact as possible, and since the front of his hair was in good condition, he only had to have the back part cut off.

She added: “My son always wanted to save as much as he could for when he was ready to donate to Wigs for Kids.

“Matted hair is caused by neglect and abuse! No child should have to endure this physical and emotional pain. The last three weeks with their grandparents have been life changing and I will never let that happen again.”

The mother’s video has been viewed over 25 million times and people have rallied in support of the eight-year-old boy in the 24,000 comments the clip has received.

One person said, “That poor baby. I’m so glad he was able to be picked up and still has his long hair.”

While another added: “You have raised such a beautiful and kind little boy. What a generous heart he has.”

“Protect this kid at all costs! He deserves the world. I’m sorry this happened mate, just know there are so many people out there who are so proud of you,” wrote a third.

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