BTS: Jungkook reveals why he deleted Instagram posts, praises V and Suga

Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, has finally revealed why he recently deleted all of his Instagram posts. The singer held a V Live session on Tuesday night as he went camping. During the session, Jungkook also sang and danced to That That, band member Suga and singer PSY’s recent song. Although Jungkook didn’t reveal his location, he did share several things about himself. The singer also opened up about growing out his long hair, recent hair extensions and the “really handsome” V. (Also read | BTS To Perform Proof Live On 9th Anniversary With “Special Guest”; ARMY finds clues in an announcement poster)

For fan interaction, Jungkook wore a black long-sleeved t-shirt and black pants as he sat in a chair outside near a bonfire. Reading a comment, he said, as translated by @BTStranslation_, “Why did I delete the whole Instagram feed?” Jungkook laughed and said, “There’s no reason for it. I just didn’t like the vibe/stream setting, so I thought about doing it again. this topic I didn’t like. I didn’t even know there’s a restoration time for this.”

When a fan asked why he changed his earrings into four, Jungkook replied, “I didn’t really change the earrings, they just fell off, it didn’t hurt or anything. whether it be.” Talking about V, he said, “Taehyungie is really handsome, isn’t he? Yes! to that…he’s really handsome, I agree.” Jungkook did an impromptu That That dance. While repeating the lines like PSY, he said, “Yoongi hyung (brother)’s hip thrust really.”

During the live, Jungkook said, “The hair extensions…from what I thought…I’m sorry. They were attached too early (in my opinion). big heart.” Speaking about her hair growth, Jungkook said, “Am I growing my hair long? , i kept growing them and people and staff kept telling me to style them.. only if i had listened to them at the time i could have made it a little prettier. .. now I’m cutting and growing in the back.”

When a fan asked where he was, he said, “Asking me where I am so you can come to where I am? It’s so late right now, it’s not safe.” He did, however, reveal, “Yes, it’s the sound of rain! I’m outside! Yes, I’m camping! I can’t tell you where I am!” Talking about their ninth anniversary, he said, “Yeah, we’re preparing very hard…since we’ll see you soon, right?” He also said he did not exercise but did drive on Tuesday. The singer also said, “It’s a secret but…I had a drink of alcohol. I feel good.”

A fan asked, “Do you want to eat ramyeon (Korean snacks)?” and he replied, “Yes, I will. I bought it to eat! (laughing) Sorry.” He also said, “I’ll do the live up to 20 minutes…whatever should I do it up to 30 minutes? Since I like odd numbers…wait, do I like odd numbers or even numbers? I like odd numbers because there’s an odd number in the middle.”

Signing off, Jungkook said, “Have a good night, good day, good day. I always think of you all. next time! It was good to see you too.”

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