Curls for Queens Fair Day Kicks Off at Sabal Palm Elementary School

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Twist by twist and braid by braid, it was a young girl’s dream at Sabal Palm Elementary School on Saturday.

“This event is so special that you are reaching out and helping your community in any way you can and then also building the confidence of these young women,” said Valarisha Frazier, Chartered Cosmetologist.

Each girl had the opportunity to choose the hairstyle she wanted to achieve.

It’s part of the Curls for Queens Fair Day, a day not only for pampering but also for learning.

“Hair can say a lot about the way you look and so part is yes you should feel beautiful and another part is being able to empower a parent to learn,” said Makayla Fedd.

Feed spearheaded this project and was blown away by the participation and support.

She says she wanted to give back to young students and their parents by allowing them to have a salon experience for free.

“Something as important as a girl’s appearance that includes her hair. And sometimes it can be so costly that it’s not really an option the parent can try their hand at, ”Fedd said.

Sabal Palm Elementary School Principal Anicia Robinson said every little queen should know that she is unique and should wear her crown with pride.

“They have to know how special they are and because we know how special they are, but if they don’t feel it and see it themselves, it really doesn’t mean much, just going the extra mile for all of the volunteers that we have here to really make our girls feel special, it’s just something very reassuring to see, ”said Robinson.

Meanwhile, Makayla Fedd says another salon day is already in the works.

She says she is grateful to those who spent their time with the young girls as they wear their new hairstyles.

“People have really come forward to say that these girls deserve to look beautiful,” Fedd said.

Their next event is scheduled for November 7th.

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