Dino Morea reveals he was wrong at the start of his career

Bollywood actor Dino Morea who was recently seen on Disney Plus Hotstar’s web show The empire was an idol when he entered, he entered the film industry. It has also been prioritized by many directors. But after giving a few flop movies, Dino’s career chart has gone down.

Dino shocked everyone with his role as antagonist Shayabani Khan on the series. He received tons of appreciation and compliments for his powerful performance in The empire. In a recent interview, Morea explained how he landed the role in the Hotstar series. It also opened up in the early days of his career. Dino has revealed that the role has helped him a lot in breaking down stereotypes attached to him. He also said that many people in the industry couldn’t believe his transformation for the role.

In a conversation with a major daily, Dino said, “I was expecting someone to think of me in an original way. I would like to thank Nikkhil (Advani, co-producer) and Mitakshara (Sharma, director). Everyone saw me as a romantic and handsome guy, not such a character. And now all of a sudden I have become a new idea for a lot of people.

Dino also said that such roles can help actors reinvent themselves. He said: “Directors tell others’ Dino, he was a romantic hero. Oh my God, look at him. Honestly, characters like this have to come out of it. I really hope that will happen. Above all, I hope that people’s notions change. You need something where people look at the character more than they look at you.

Speaking about his rare look as Shaybani on the show, Dino said it was not easy to lock in the final look: “It was my director’s idea. She brought in the stylist, and we tried a bald look, with prosthetics. It was damn good, then we tried the one with hair extensions, and it was just as good. It was almost a coin toss, and then the assistants voted. Everything went well.

Dino as Shaybani Khan

When asked that if the label of “chocolate boy” has been troubling his career, the Raaz the actor replied, “It’s a visual aid. We watch Hrithik Roshan perform, he’s bright and handsome. I never let that bother me. My job is to go out there, perform. In as an actor too, I feel that there is a certain maturity that has come in. My first opportunity came because the creators wanted someone who looked like me, Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi (1999), and came Raaz (2002). I was poorly advised at this point in my career, and I chose films that maybe I shouldn’t have. I have no regrets though. This is how I learned.

Last seen in Zee5’s movie Helmet, Dino returned to the game after a long gap with AltBalaji’s Mentalhood last year. He looks forward to other web series.

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