Dress up in a DIY Halloween costume as Stefon from Saturday Night Live

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As one of the most ridiculous and beloved characters ever created from Saturday Night Live, Bill Hader’s Stefon continues to crack the audience even after the actor who plays him has left the series. If you’re looking for a DIY Halloween costume that only requires a few items, Stefon is the way to go, and here’s how.

First off, Stefon has many iconic parts of his look, but his Ed Hardy tattoo-shaped shirt is the most striking. It’s the epitome of style from the early 2000s, when hipster jeans were in flip-phones were all the rage. While this shirt from Amazon isn’t a replica, it’s pretty close and even has SNL on the front just in case someone doesn’t know what you’re dressed in. Like the original, this shirt has the dragon design on the upper shirt, then the undershirt has long sleeves that continue the same style.

Check out the SNL Stefon shirt from the Kid’s Code Faux Real Mens Apparel on Amazon.

Secondly, thinking about Stefon, what comes to mind is his short, asymmetrical brunette haircut with light blonde highlights. Instead of giving yourself that haircut you’ll have to live with on November 1st, try this wig that you can cut to look the same unique style as Stefon’s. This hair already features similar highlights to the character, so you just need to customize the shape.

Finally, every time Bill Hader / Stefon cracks, he covers his mouth with his hands, and we see his pretty rings. If you don’t already have silver rings in a drawer somewhere or know someone who has a few you could borrow, this set of 16 should probably have enough for you to mix and match and match them. If you want a unique piece, this large turquoise ring will stand out from the crowd.

Now that you have these three components for your DIY Stefon from Saturday Night Live Halloween costume, you are ready to go for a ride or find the hottest new club that is slightly offensive. Make sure you have Peacock if you miss watching Stefon and Seth Meyers chat in the weekend update.

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