Eco barber shop in Chichester

“Our environmental values ​​really matter to us and to our customers”

A barber shop in Chichester with impeccable green credentials has all the colors, products and even towels, water and electricity it uses to accommodate a climate crisis conscious client.

Frogg Hair Design is an ecological and organic salon and puts its ecological ethics into practice at all levels. All the electricity used by the show comes from a company called Ecotricity, which only puts electricity generated by wind or solar energy on its grid, while every towel and robe is biodegradable. Even the showers have special heads to limit water wastage.

Founded 15 years ago by husband and wife team Simon Martin, from Chichester, and Muriel Martin, French, the company already had a unique set of references that massively appealed to people looking for a stylish local alternative.

Muriel has spent many years styling in the French film and television industry, working on well-known productions, while Simon, who started his salon career here in West Sussex, trained in London then taught haircuts to professionals in France for 10 years.

Back in his hometown, they founded their company specializing in cutting and coloring with a green heart.

Simon said: “Being environmentally friendly means a lot to us and to our customers. We’ve made it our mission to only use environmentally friendly products, including Natulique Hair Color, which is a 100% organic color range, and Oway Hair Care and Treatment, which is a range of Italian biodynamic agriculture, which is even better. than organic farming.

“We don’t just care about your hair, we also care about the environment. From sustainable energy used to heat the water that washes your hair to organic and vegan products, sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy.

And while Simon and Muriel are dedicated to their green credentials, they also invest in their people, longtime manager Hannah West is a prime example. “As soon as our employees reach a certain level, we send them to Vidal Sassoon Academy for a number of courses, to make sure they are as highly qualified as possible. We only want the best for our customers, ”said Simon.

“Our hairdressers are experts in coloring, styling and organic hair care products. Enjoy a scented revitalizing treatment, a soothing head massage or professional styling. Our stylists and colorists will be delighted to bring you a fantastic new hairstyle, Natulique organic hair color and an awesome new look.

Offering a full range of services, from complete styling overhauls to specialist color treatments, Frogg makes customers feel pampered and special.

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