Future proof hair is the trend we’re loving right now

With the pandemic upending our routines and bringing with it an air of unpredictability, we’re moving away from styles that spell disaster after a missed salon date.

Instead, we opt for looks that deliver maximum impact with minimal upkeep.

It’s called “proof of time” hair and it’s the trend that dominates in 2022.

The anti-trend trend

Less a trend than a philosophy, “future-proof” hair is a term coined by Jaye Edwards, owner and director of EdwardsandCo.

“It’s kind of the anti-trend,” he says Marie Claire Australia.

“In the wake of COVID, people are looking for low maintenance hair, working with what they naturally have to enhance it, rather than against it.

“It’s about creating beautiful hair, now, that will stand the test of time for years to come.”

Think of it as living hair that looks natural and fresh, no matter how long since your last cut.

It’s all in the color

The secret to “proof of time” hair is color that blends seamlessly with your natural shade for hair that looks effortlessly undone.

“It’s about bringing out your natural color,” says Jaye Edwards.

“It could be adding a subtle shimmer to your brunette base or a root shadow to your blonde hair to fade regrowth and extend the life of your color.”

Think sunny blonde highlights or a perfectly blended bronde for that “less is more” with strategically placed subtle highlights – it’s a lived-in hair color that doesn’t require constant touch-ups to look good.

Maintain your mane

Jaye Edwards future proof hair color

While the philosophy of “future proof” hair is that it extends the time between appointments, the key is to start with as healthy hair as possible.

As experts in “future-proof” hair movement, EdwardsandCo recommends a Redken Shades EQ Gloss treatment for gorgeous, long-lasting color. The formula contains the perfect balance of protein, moisture and acidic pH for healthy hair. It also enhances your hair’s natural shine and can correct and revitalize tone.

A shine treatment will refresh the undertones of your hair, so you don’t need a full color service every time you visit the salon. healthy hair and a healthy portfolio? Yes please.

Maintaining your mane at home is also essential. Try Redken’s Acidic Bonding Concentrate Leave-In Conditioning Treatment, which restores strength to damaged, color-treated hair. The intense conditioner also provides protection against color fading.

A cut above

Jaye Edwards Time-tested Haircut

When your hair is working for you, everything else falls into place. So getting a cut you love is just as important as the color when it comes to “future proofing” your hair.

“That means working with your natural hair texture and type to enhance it,” says Jaye Edwards.

“It’s important to consider your bone structure and personal style to find something that looks like you.”

Ready to start preparing your hair for the future? Find your nearest EdwardsandCo salon and book now.

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