GHD’s Platinum Plus Styler cuts my hair routine in half

Welcome back to It’s worth it, a bi-weekly breakdown of the new beauty products we’ve tested and loved: we’re talking about that kind of “drain-it-down-and-tell-my-friends-I-found- the only one of love. If featured here, consider it our permission to splurge. Read on for the product you don’t want to be without.

The promise

GHD’s Platinum Plus Styler is nothing new – it’s a cult favorite that’s been around for nearly four years. But thanks to a just-launched limited-edition pastel blue hue that delivers springtime vibes, the brand has brought back allllll the buzz. If you haven’t yet taken the hot tool for a try, let me preview its long list of hair transformation promises.

The main appeal comes from the patented ultra-zone technology, which is a fancy way of saying the iron maintains 365 degrees of temperature at all times. It’s warm enough to lock in style, cool enough to prevent breakage or damage, and perfectly heated on plates to prevent creases and chafing. Sounds pretty good, right?

When it comes to style, the iron aims to do double duty. Let’s be real: a lot of hair straighteners are just that: hair straighteners. But with curved edges that glide with hair, the GHD Platinum Plus Styler allows for beachy waves, curls, mermaid crimps, and more. Plus, the swivel cord can be moved in any direction for comfortable styling. To see if this hot tool is *actually* a game changer or just another styler to stash in the bathroom cabinet, I put it to the test.

Why am I obsessed

I wouldn’t say my hair is particularly difficult to tame. It’s relatively thin, a little kinky, and has an interesting mix of curls, rogue straight parts, and weird flips and twists that guarantee I’ll never, ever be a shower and leave girl. While I love my stash of 20+ hot tools (don’t judge), I’m on a mission to streamline my styling routine. This is where the GHD Platinum Plus Styler comes in.

After unboxing the pretty blue tool and letting my hair air dry (a first for me), I started my test run. And let’s just say this iron makes a great first impression. I usually let my tools heat up for a few minutes, but this iron reached maximum heat in under 10 seconds max. So far so good, GHD.

Once I sectioned my hair, I did a quick pass with the iron to get rid of any flyaways or frizz. It glided easily through my strands – no tugging or tugging and maximum shine. But closing the loop was the real testament. I usually switch between a full bodied loop and a beach wave. Logically, I use different tools to do the job. But I wanted to see if this flat iron could deliver on both counts.

It certainly took me a minute to figure out how to maneuver the iron. There was some trial and error and a fair amount of hair slipping out, but in the end I got it right. The key is to hold the plates in the center and not at the base. This gives more control, helps the hair glide through the center without falling halfway, and provides the *perfect* curl.

For a beach style, the trick is to glide the iron in a downward motion and leave the bottom inch of the hair straight. When it’s a traditional, bouncy curl, pull outward and twist all the way down the strand. Regardless of the style, this iron allowed me to skip blow-drying altogether (air-dry hair for the win, folks) and left my hair in shiny, voluminous condition.

Oh, and I didn’t even get access to the feature that changed my life the most. After 30 minutes, the GHD Platinum Plus Styler turns off automatically. No more taking pictures of your unplugged iron or running to the bathroom 17 times to make sure you don’t set the whole place on fire – it’s a stress-free straightener. And with that, I urge you to treat yourself to this lovely blue hot tool this spring. You will not regret it.

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