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What was Nicki Minaj’s hair like on the set of Bia “Whole Lotta Money”?

I didn’t know it was for Bia. They hit me like, “Hey, can you do Nicki Minaj’s hair? She tends to be last minute with me. She hit me, I said “Yeah, I’m available.” She gave me a few hours to introduce myself. She said she wanted a cute wig that I already made for her. I introduced myself and had no idea that would be why she was doing a photoshoot. I’m not asking questions. I introduced myself, I did it and boom. A week later, it’s viral.

How did this experience go?

It was great. Working with Nicki Minaj is putting yourself forward. It’s a great name to have on your CV, it’s a name that is known. The fact that people are interested in your work is already amazing. Whoever contacts you first to provide you with a service is already amazing, so I take my job seriously.

How did it go with Kylie Jenner for the cover of V Magazine?

I worked several times with Kylie Jenner, my favorite look was the Marilyn Monroe look. He’s one of the cutest people I’ve ever worked with. She makes you feel like part of her team. She welcomes you to her home, makes you feel welcome.

What difficulties do you face in working in the industry?

Many people in this industry do hair, makeup, photography, many people have confused fame and fame with being rich. Rich and famous are not the same thing, they are two separate words with two different meanings. Nowadays, a lot of people are so involved in having followers or so interested in being famous that they forget the essentials. While your customer is driving a Rolls Royce, do you want to drive a bucket?

My biggest difficulty is giving my price to a customer, and someone else comes and gives him a cheaper price. Sometimes they’re not used to my price so they like to go back and forth. Stay relevant in the industry too. There is always someone younger, someone who comes in with a new style. You need to be able to stay on your toes and catch up. [snaps]

How much has your price increased?

My prices have increased enormously. I’m not trying to say I’m the most expensive hairstylist in the US or California, but I’m definitely far from the cheapest. It costs you a good dime if you want to reserve me to make a good wig installment.

Fashion or hairstyle trends this fall?

Everyone is still in love with colors, lengths. It depends on the season. Right now, a lot of girls are following the wigs. Wigs are very common and fashionable. You can never go wrong with a wig. It goes with any outfit you are trying to wear for the day. If your outfit calls for a blonde wig, you put on a wig and it changes the whole look. He gathers the gaze. Wigs are very trendy, it’s always been that way. It never goes out of style. Even the girls who have never tried a wig or don’t need a wig as they say, because they have long hair or whatever, they try to buy a wig because they want a different color or that they want to follow the trend.

Talk about your own website which sells custom wigs.

Right before Covid, I started working on a website called It is for anyone who wants to buy a wig. Whether you have any health concerns or want to try it out for fun, or need to do a photoshoot, I created this website for anyone to buy my wigs. A lot of people ask me because I tend to only post celebrities. Not because I only work with celebrities, but they think I won’t sell them a wig. I want them to know that through my website I am the one who works on them and ships them. Everyone has access to it. The wigs you see me putting on clients are what you will see on the website. You can order the same wig if you are interested. It is several options: natural looks, colors, pinks, reds, curly, yellow, orange. Wigs I made on Nicki Minaj, Nikita Dragun, Blac Chyna.

How are things going with Nikita Dragun?

Unbelievable. She’s a person who allows me to be creative most of the time, 60% or 70% of the time. It works really well, she’s really dope.

How did you get connected?

She found me on Instagram. Instagram is a great way to find people these days.

How important is the presence on social networks?

It’s definitely getting harder on Instagram to gain followers and stay relevant. With a lot of other social media apps and sources where people are gaining so many followers, people pay attention to bad things or different things. It’s really difficult. For example, right now I’m giving a wig masterclass on October 17th where anyone can buy a ticket if they want to learn how to put on a wig. If they want to deepen their knowledge of hairdressing or if they want to learn how to put wigs on themselves. On October 17th, I decided to have a class in person and online. I use my social networks, my Instagram, my online sources to promote the class. It’s going pretty well.

Are you excited?

Yes, definitely excited. I have always been happy to teach. I have never been a stingy person when it comes to teaching someone anything.

How is your family feeling now? You have accomplished a lot!

I really don’t know how my family feels because it’s just my two younger brothers and my mom. We’ve never been the type to express feelings, I think it would be weird if I did and heard them. I know my brothers love to show me off, they love to see what I can buy through my hard work. They take pictures of my things, my Bentleys or my chains. Seeing me go out on TV makes them happy. My mother is always very reserved and always tries to give me advice. “Watch your money. Save. Don’t feel comfortable around people. But I’m pretty sure they’re happy, I’m able to give them stuff they never had.

Your goals as an artist at this stage of your career?

I have goals. I want to buy another house. I have a house here in LA, but I want to have another one and make it my own where I will be alone to take care of my family. I also want to start a business where she keeps making money, not being so practical but still involved in what I’m doing now.

Do you want people to know anything else?

Just the masterclass on October 17th. Anyone who wants to join can, that’s about it.

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