How to Get Halle Berry’s Short Hair, According to Hairstylists

Halle Berry’s short hair was her signature in the 90s and early 2000s. The pinnacle moment for the actress’ pixie cut came at the 2002 Oscars, where she made history by being the first black woman to win Best Actress for The Monster Ball. Pairing the pixie cut with a velvet Elie Saab gown, Berry created one of the most iconic Oscars red carpet looks to date.

The former Miss USA finalist then grew her hair out (or wore longer wigs, we’re not sure) in the 2000s before getting a cut again around 2010, this time with golden highlights framing his face. The model-turned-actress adopted a loose wave for her growing locks before trying new styles such as purple extensions and a shorter crop, this time with bangs, for the 2021 Oscars red carpet.

While she may have developed her short hairstyle and had different hairstyles since, Halle Berry’s short haircut is emblematic of her roles. Here’s how to recreate the actress’ short hair according to experts.

How to Get Halle Berry’s Short Haircut

Halle Berry’s pixie cut is a short, sweet shape that’s versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways, says Chelsey Mcqueen, hairstylist at Blue Tit Clapton. “For the cut, keep it soft – no harsh lines,” says Dom Seeley, celebrity hairstylist and international creative director at ColorWow. “You want movable texture and lengths in all the right places, so you can wear your hair in so many different styles, even if it’s short. You don’t have to stick to one style.

Halle Berry with her pixie haircut when she won the Best Actress Oscar in 2002.Frank Micelotta Archive/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Seeley also suggests keeping “wispy or detail hair on the hairline around the ears and in the bangs/bangs area” to keep it soft around the face.

“A modern take on the look for 2022 might mean leaving longer sections in the front for a more interesting or dramatic look,” adds McQueen, “but one thing is for sure: I would recommend cutting the style like clockwork ( every 6-12 weeks) to keep it clean.

How to Get Halle Berry’s Hair Color

Although Halle Berry has worn her hair short since the early ’90s, the actress has adapted to every cut and color. The early days saw an almost natural-looking solid brown hue, while the early 2000s saw the introduction of warm golden highlights.

The early days of Halle Berry’s short hair, in the early 90s.Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

“The rich brunettes and warm browns with golden highlights really complement Halle Berry’s skin tone,” Seeley says. “It’s a very, very subtle coloring, but it just enhances her texture and keeps her hair from looking flat, showing off the definition of her haircut.”

When trying to recreate the style in the salon, sometimes short hair can look better as a color block,” says Seeley. “That means tint, with incredible shine to complement the cut.”

“However, if you have length for your pixie or short hair, opt for brighter pieces on the lengths of the haircut if possible,” he adds. “It’s young and shows your playful side.

How to Style Halle Berry’s Short Hairstyle

Part of achieving Halle Berry’s signature short hairstyle really depends on how you style it. Although some would like to get out of bed and have perfect hair, the short hairstyle is bedhead prone and needs some tweaking to be red carpet ready, but it all depends on your personal style.

“I don’t feel like short hair never goes out of fashion, but it really depends on the person wearing it and their personal style, it’s not for everyone,” Seeley says. “A key message and the best advice I can give with short hair is that you have to wear the hair and not let the hair wear you down.”

A darker version of Halle Berry’s pixie haircut. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“While Halle Berry’s 2000s shape is still modern, the style isn’t. Try not to overdo your hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Jason Collier. “I would recommend using Jerome Russell Bstyled Matt Paste . Apply a 5 pence size, rub in hands and gently work through hair to give it some texture. Don’t try to place it in a shape. Instead, let it sit naturally for a more modern look.

Elsewhere, Seeley recommends Color Wow Pop & Lock, an oil/serum hybrid that provides texture and definition but also incredible shine. Pixie cuts can become more difficult to style as they get older, but try to stay open to playing with styles, lengths and textures between cuts, he adds. “You might be surprised through the growth stages of the cut that you like it longer or you like it shorter.”

Celebrity hairstylist Neil Moodie recommends a putty product for shorter lengths, like Schwarzkopf’s Coal Putty, but when it’s longer, a texture mist like Sam McKnight’s Barely There Texture Mist works wonders.

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