Huyton’s Mother and Daughter “Overwhelmed” by Hair and Beauty Business Success

A mother and daughter from Huyton who run their own hair and beauty salon have been ‘overwhelmed’ by the number of new clients they have welcomed after the lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact on the service sector and in some cases has resulted in the permanent closure of independent stores, businesses, restaurants, etc.

Now the restrictions have eased, many businesses are still struggling to survive, but mother and daughter Lisa and Lois Preston have returned to business head first.

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As directors of Lois Jane Hair & Beauty, a salon based on Longview Drive in Huyton, they are busier than they might have imagined.

Lisa, 43, has always lived in Huyton and after starting her hairdressing career over 20 years ago, she eventually opened her own small salon on Woolton Road in Childwall.

Lisa established herself in the hairdressing industry and her daughter Lois, now 25, developed a passion for makeup. Lisa then decided to open a new salon with room to expand and found the perfect location just minutes from their place of residence.

On the ground floor, there are six hair styling stations, a spray tanning room, a private beauty room, a separate hair washing room, and the full display of hair products for purchase. Upstairs, Lois takes center stage where she mainly focuses on makeup and nails.

Inside Lois Jane Hair & Beauty on Longview Drive in Huyton

Lisa and Lois have also developed their own line of hair products, including their branded wavy comb with velvet pouch, pink wind brush and gold palette brush, as well as a full line of hair extensions. The salon offers a one-stop-shop for extensions, hair supply, hair styling, and the sale of tools and equipment for other hairdressers.

Before graduating, Lois began to do makeup, her family and friends. She has since been trained in CND nails, spray tan, semi-permanent lashes, crystal microdermabrasion facials, lash enhancements and brown layering.

Lois said, “I have spent the past eight years growing up at the salon. It has given me so much confidence and I have continued to learn and grow every step of the way.

“Working with my mother is amazing but sometimes it can be difficult because at the beginning we worked and lived together! I chose to move and buy my first house when I was 20 and I think it allowed us to work even better. romantic relationship. “

Lisa added, “Working with Lois is great because we can see each other most of the time – but some days we barely speak because we’re so busy. We both have different skills that we bring to the business; I am doing well with organization, personnel management and finances and Lois is very creative and always comes up with new ideas.

Lisa and Lois both put their skills to good use for weddings too
Lisa and Lois both put their skills to good use for weddings too

“I am so proud to watch my little girl grow up to be a confident young woman. She has worked so hard over the years and made her mark in the industry.

“Working as a family is certainly not easy and we can have different opinions and weird disagreements – but we always manage to put our differences aside and be professional at all times.”

Lois continued, “We’re both overwhelmed by the number of new customers we’ve had since reopening after the lockdown. It was such an uncertain time during the pandemic but to be open and recently celebrated our eighth year at the living room with so many clients is just amazing. “

Lois Jane Hair & Beauty is based on Longview Drive, L36 6DY.

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