“I sued the bride for throwing me out of her wedding party after cutting my hair”

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  • A bridesmaid took to Reddit to ask if she was having trouble taking her friend to court to claim damages after an argument over wedding attire.
  • The bridesmaid explained that she had to have her hair cut shortly before the wedding due to a health issue, but the bride had planned other hairstyles for her 3-day wedding.
  • The two women were unable to find a solution to the problem. Therefore, the bridesmaid went to court to request reimbursement for the money she had already spent on her wedding attire.

A bridesmaid took to Reddit to ask if it was difficult to sue her friend for damages after falling out over her marriage.

The bridesmaid bought three different dresses, including alterations and shoes, for a total of $ 700 (around R10,500) for the wedding before the two got into a fight. The bride had also requested specific hairstyles for each day.

“Unfortunately, from March my hair started to deteriorate. Due to health reasons my hair was falling apart, and in May I made the difficult decision to cut my hair. I informed the bride of my decision two weeks before the wedding and she didn’t say anything bad, ”said the bridesmaid.

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The following week, the two women spent time together at the bridesmaid’s house. When the bride was about to leave, she said she was concerned about the bridesmaid’s haircut.

“I told her it would be fine even though I wouldn’t be uniform with the other bridesmaids,” said the bridesmaid.

The next day, however, the bridesmaid received this message from the bride:

“After our recent conversations, I would like to remind you of my limitations: I have been very accommodating and gracious, but I cannot allow you to disrespect me. As you know, my marriage has been something I have done. have dreamed for many years. (My husband) and I have invested a lot of money in the video and photos of this day, and as we reflect on this day in the future, we want to see our vision reflected in the memories, ”the message said.

Since I asked each of you to be bridesmaid in 2019, I have been very clear and very communicative in my request. The timing of your decision to cut your hair and not cash in advance really upsets me. I would have felt respected if you had contacted me more than a week before the wedding, so we could have worked together to find a collaborative solution. “

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The incident happened three days before the wedding, and the bridesmaid immediately sent the bride and her husband an invoice asking them to reimburse the dresses and shoes.

Neither of them responded, so I decided to take the matter to court. I was told I was inconsistent and selfish after spending the last two weeks helping him plan the wedding shower. I worked with another bridesmaid to surprise her with a bridal shower after our bachelor trip had to be canceled, “explained the bridesmaid.

“When I agreed to be her bridesmaid, I was more than willing to respond to what she asked, even if sometimes it was a lot of time and money. my hair?”

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Reddit users have given their opinion on the situation. One of them suggested that the bride’s visions shouldn’t be more important than her friend’s health. “I have always wondered if this kind of person does not realize that what they will remember the most from their marriage when they see the photos is the friend who is no longer there and there and the ugliness that ended that friendship … do something like that, the ‘vision’ is destroyed, ‘they said.

Another user said: “I sincerely hope the marriage will break down and burn.”

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