I’m a beauty pro and here’s how to refresh six-day hair

An Irish fashion and beauty influencer has revealed the best way to refresh six-day hair.

Ellie Kelly, who posts on Instagram as @ellieekellyyshared a video showing how she keeps her hair fresh between washes.


Ellie used dry shampoo to refresh her hair
She tied her hair in two pigtails in a half-up half-down hairstyle


She tied her hair in two pigtails in a half-up half-down hairstyle

The influencer wrote, “Refresh that six day hair with me.”

In the video, Ellie begins by applying dry shampoo to her roots and massaging it in before brushing it out.

She then creates a half-up half-down look by tying two pigtails at the top of her head.

In order to keep her hair as fresh as possible, the style fan sprays hairspray to keep her ponytails sleek and in place.

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To finish the look, the popular influencer curls the ends of her hair and brushes through the curls to give her locks gorgeous bouncy waves and extra volume.

Fans in Ellie’s comments couldn’t believe how gorgeous and fresh her hair looked after six days.

Influencer Charleen Murphy wrote: “Omg how does it look so fresh?”

Many other followers adored the way the influencer styled her hair.

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Someone said, “I love this hairstyle!”

Another person added, “You look beautiful.”


Meanwhile, another Irish beauty fan has revealed her ultimate money-saving eyelash hack.

Lucy Butler, who posts on TikTok as @lucyblu_uploaded a video explaining his “life hack” for eyelashes to his followers.

She said, “I’m going to show you a trick to save money on eyelashes and get the most out of your eyelashes.”

She explained that the best type of lashes for this hack are perfectly round lashes that are the same length on the inner and outer corners.

Lucy said: “The best lashes to demonstrate this are SOSU by SJ’s Seven Deadly Sins – they’re my favorite and they’re so hard to get.

“They’re perfectly round – they’re the same size at each end, they don’t float outside, they’re literally mirrors of each other.

“So you’ll only be using one lash – that’s all you need.”

She added: “So I have quite small eyes so I only put on liner and eyelashes from my pupil for that fox eye effect – that’s why this trick is just amazing for me.

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“So with your singular eyelash, what you’re going to do is cut it in half.”

After cutting the lashes in half, the beauty fan explained that you should apply them with the tips of the lashes with the longest lashes on the outside of each eye.

Ellie looked gorgeous


Ellie looked gorgeous

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