Indian Army Haircut: Different Types of Indian Army Haircuts

Indian Army Haircut: Indian army haircuts are famous among the youngsters as they are easy to maintain and help to complete the aesthetic. If you are the one who is looking for a neat and classic look, you can opt for an Indian army haircut.

Here is a list of different types of Indian army haircuts.

1- Regulation cut: In the regulation Indian Army cut, the hair in the middle is straight while the skin fades at the sides. It is excellent for businessmen who need well-tamed hair but do not want their hair to shave off in the process.

2- High and tight: In this, the hair length is kept and the sides are shaved. The trick is to find the type that suits a person and enhances the characteristics of the individual.

3- Cut the burrs: This haircut is very trendy among young people. In this, the hair is super short and in the middle of the head while the sides are shaved.

4- Military cut: This is a very famous hairstyle in which the side parting is done with the hair on top.

5- Induction or Buzz Cut: In this haircut, no maintenance is required. The hair is shorter than the burr cut. The haircut was used to prevent the spread of lice among the soldiers. The haircut is perfect for square or oval shapes.

6- Flat haircut: As the name suggests, the hair stands up and is cut horizontally. Young people loved this trendy haircut and adopted it in a more modern way.

7- Undercut or Fade Haircut: As an undercut, army personnel should have very short hair at the top that fades to the nape of the neck.

8- Ivy League Haircut: The hair is shorter on the sides and thicker in the middle with a side parting. This haircut is influenced by the vintage college style.

9- Crew cut: It is a retro style cut that fades around the head with a side parting. It adds more definition to her face.

10- Butch Cup: The hair is super short with clean side fades.

It should be noted that there is also no exemption for women in the Indian army. They are required to keep their hair short like their male counterparts during their training period. Females are excepted to keep their hair in a very tight bun.

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