Kate Middleton’s ‘invisible’ long hair secret shared by expert

Kate’s iconic brushing

Mastering a bouncy blow-dry just like Kate’s signature style can be a challenge.

Kieran reveals his top secret tip for achieving a perfect blow-dry: instead of using a traditional hair dryer, grab a hot brush. And he recommends using Remington’s Curl & Straight Confidence Air Styler.

Kieran said, “The Air Styler’s versatility comes from its many styling accessories, which allow you to blow dry, detangle, straighten and curl hair with one easy-to-use tool.

“A nice added feature is the Air Styler’s ionic conditioning which lets you say goodbye to unwanted frizz and hello to silky soft locks, just like the Duchess.”

1. Starting with wet hair, use the concentrator attachment to blow up your hair until it is about 70 percent dry.

2. Using the flat brush attachment, take a section of hair from the back of the head and place the teeth of the brush at the root. Slowly slide the brush through the hair to the ends, using the teeth to lift the roots to add volume if needed.

3. Using the tweezers, add shape and movement to the front of the head by placing a section of hair in the clip and using the knob to rotate the hair around the barrel, making sure to rotate the wick away from your face. Release the button once the section of hair is completely wrapped around the barrel, applying the heat setting for six seconds, then following with six seconds of cold shot to set the curl.

4. Open the clip of the pliers and slide the barrel out of the hair, before using your fingers to loosen the curl, finishing with hairspray as desired.

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