Kim Kardashian has found the perfect summer hairstyle

Kim Kardashian kicked off the summer with a trendy hairstyle – the lob. Which means it will be one of the most requested haircuts this season. How do we know? Just browse through the entrepreneur’s recent images to understand the flattering effect of this style.

Kim Kardashian sports a trendy lob haircut for summer 2022

TV personality, mother and style icon, Kim Kardashian, walked around New York in Balenciaga leggings that can only be defined as extravagant. Her new hairstyle perfectly complements her style, which has a certain futuristic touch thanks to the platinum dye she has been wearing for several weeks.

Kim Kardashian wore a lob cut in New York

Gotham/Getty Pictures.

For a few moments, Kardashian ditched her ladylike extra-long hair and revealed the platinum lob haircut without her accompanying extensions (on the same night, she was seen with her XL hair again). Although this is a fortuitous change of look, it certainly shows all the goodness this style has to offer.

The lob is a haircut neither too short nor too long, it falls in the happy medium for those who do not want to cut too many centimeters in their hair. Thanks to its medium length, it immediately stylizes the face, especially if worn with completely straight hairstyles like celebrity.

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