Kimberly Guilfoyle looked unrecognizable at Ivana Trump’s funeral, social media wonders why

The Trump family gathered in Manhattan to mourn the former president donald trumpThe first wife of Ivana Trump, who died earlier this week following a tragic fall.

Of the many invite-only guests who showed up, Kimberly Guilfoylebride of Donald Jr.was one of them.

Guilfoyle, 53, looked unrecognizable at the funeral.

The former FOX News personality looked surprisingly different next to Donald Jr. compared to photos of her with her first husband, California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Guilfoyle has been close to the Trump family for many years and served as an adviser to Trump during his presidency. She started dating Donald Jr. in 2018 and confirmed the two were engaged in February 2022.

Her plastic surgery rumors became more prominent after she started her relationship with Donald. Jr. Wags took to Twitter to address his apparent physical changes.

Many speculated that she had her cheeks, hair and forehead worked out with the addition of hair extensions and implants. Some even say she tries to look like Melanie Trump.
Guilfoyle has neither confirmed nor denied any rumors of surgery.

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