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At a dinner and reception at a private home in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, actor Ryan Gosling said signing on as a brand ambassador for watchmaker TAG Heuer “has been an incredible partnership so far. now”. This includes wearing a Carrera Three Hands watch in the new Netflix movie The gray manas well as appearing in a just-released ad campaign for TAG Heuer related to the film.

But in a pre-dinner toast, actor and TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault explained how Gosling’s hair, which he dyed blonde for a different role – like Ken in the upcoming Barbie director Greta Gerwig’s film – presented a dilemma for filming the commercials related to The gray man. In the latter, in which Gosling plays a spy known as Sierra Six, the actor has brown hair.

“There was a debate internally because when we shot these photos, Ryan was blonde for another movie he was shooting,” Arnault said, adding that the discussion pivoted between “OK, is that we keep it blonde?” or “Do we stay very strict The gray man” Eventually, the blonde color won out. “We thought, ‘OK, we have to be authentic with the way we shot it, and it’s not meant to be a strict copy of The gray man. It’s a different campaign.

Gosling then added that “we’ve had a lot of conversations about this [the blond hair]”, adding that” Secretly, I get a lot of joy from it because I know that The gray man would be Ken’s favorite movie, so it warms my heart to see Ken in these pictures.

Gosling in the new TAG Heuer campaign

TAG Heuer

The actor signed his ambassador contract with TAG Heuer, his first ever with a brand, last year, making appearances since then as the face of the manufacturer’s Carerra Three Hands, which he calls his “favorite personal”. He said he liked the Carrera – one of the watch world’s most iconic and recognizable timepieces since its introduction in 1964 – because “it’s practical…and really, really stylish. It wears easily and is easy to read. He added, “You don’t want it to take long when you watch it. You just want him to give it to you.

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The steel TAG Heuer Carrera Three Hands that Ryan Gosling wears in the new movie “The Gray Man”.

TAG Heuer

Most of the reasons he loves the Carrera as an everyday watch is also why it works in The gray man, according to the actor. He describes his spy character Sierra Six as “an analog hero in a digital world. He has no gadgets. It does not rely on technology. He just has his wit and his pragmatism and his human ingenuity. He is very pragmatic.

The all-mechanical 39mm steel Carrera seen in the film reflects those traits and “you can wear it with anything,” which was important, Gosling said, because of Sierra Six’s varied costumes, which range from a red suit to a tracksuit and an acid wash look. “This character goes through a lot. It’s like nine action sets in this movie and he’s on the run throughout the movie. So it’s like multiple different identities in a way…but the watch remains the same. With this movie… we were trying to create a new take on a spy character, so I thought this particular watch was helpful in doing that,” Gosling said.

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Ryan Gosling at The gray man dinner wearing a TAG Heuer Carrera

Krista Schluter

Gosling – who said the very first watch he bought was a Hulk Hogan Casio purchased with “paper money” – also noted that originally another brand had been on board to provide watches for the movie. Without naming the brand, Gosling recalled that he had tried one of that other manufacturer’s watches and decided it was unsuitable for the role. “It was way too big. It was really inconvenient. It was just like something a spy would never wear.

The gray man, directed by The Russo Brothers, is due to hit theaters July 15 and premiere July 22 on Netflix. “It’s my first real action movie,” says Gosling.

As to why so many watches have featured prominently in action movies – from the Obligation series to Superior gun and The Expendables – Gosling said, “You know, I think every second is a life-or-death moment in the world of these movies. It’s all about precision, and timing is everything.

In addition to Gosling and Arnault, dinner guests included Joe and Anthony Russo and actors such as The gray man co-star Jessica Henwick, Bridgertonby Simone Ashley and Mamoudou Athie (Jurassic World Dominion).

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Joe Russo, Ryan Gosling, TAG Heuer CEO Frédéric Arnault and Anthony Russo at the dinner of the The gray man

Krista Schluter

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