Some tips to keep your hair damage-free this summer

Some tips to keep your hair damage-free this summer

August 22, 2021: Some tips to keep your hair damage-free this summer

Summer not only calls for tons of SPF on the skin, but it’s also a time to boost your hair care routine. Prolonged exposure to aggressive UV rays can cause hair to lose color, making it brittle, frizzy and dry. Here are some effective tips to make sure your hair stays damage-free this summer.

Coverage: Cover your hair with a scarf or hat

Just as layers of clothing protect the skin from damage, it is advisable to cover your hair to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun. Use scarves or hats to protect the hair from direct sunlight. It is also essential to use leave-in products or conditioners that have an SPF. However, be sure to wash off the product once you are inside.

Haircut: getting your hair cut in early summer

If your hair is damaged and you have split ends, trust the summer heat to make it worse. The perfect way to deal with this situation is to get that perfect summer cut before the season sets in. If you are not the type for dramatic haircuts, you can also go for a cut to keep brittle split ends at bay.

Hair washing: Co-wash or dry wash your hair depending on the hair type

While perspiration and pollution require the hair to be washed frequently, you can skip shampoo and try co-washing to prevent the hair from drying out completely. The co-wash is the technique of washing the hair using a conditioner alone, avoiding shampoo. But if you notice that your hair is getting too oily, you can opt for a dry wash instead.

Fluid intake: drink enough fluids to stay hydrated

While each of the above steps will help reduce heat damage, the most important tip to remember is to stay hydrated. Getting enough water is crucial for staying hydrated and for nourishing your hair. If you hate sipping water, including liquid-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet is a perfect way to meet hydration needs.

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