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E! : We saw you in two different climates on Summer house and Winter house. How has this temperature change been taken into account in your beauty routine? What are the differences between preparing to shoot in summer and in winter?
CM: Wow, really a dramatic change. Especially since I’m never really in single-digit temperatures. In the summer I can usually get away with less makeup, but I definitely increase the number of times I wash my face. I have a history of very severe acne, so washing my face more often means less bacteria build-up and less risk of rashes, especially when I’m in front of the camera.

Turning Winter house was difficult for me, because my skin was panicking. It was so dry at one point, my skin was cracking under my eyes. It was bad. So I have to hydrate like crazy in winter. I try to find the thickest moisturizer possible, I even add hyaluronic acid to each product for an extra measure. The main difference between filming summer and winter is that winter requires double the product and double the clothing.

E! : What do you like about Covet & Mane expansions and do you have any tips for taking care of them?
CM: I don’t think I’ve ever been more in love with my extensions. And I have tried almost everything on the market, I’m sure. It’s been such a long journey with my hair, but I feel like I’ve finally found something that works. I love that I can pull out all of my natural hair, that way I can still take care of my natural strands and have the luxury of having more length and volume. lust & mane the extensions also mimic the natural texture of my hair. The puffy texture blends in perfectly when wet, which is always something I’ve always been a bit embarrassed about with other hair extensions. Finally, the versatility of these extensions is amazing. I can wear my hair up, up, tied up, however I like, and I’m not limited like I have been in the past.

E! : Is there a product you’ve been using forever that doesn’t get the hype it deserves?
CM: Sometimes I feel like I am constantly changing products, but for a year now I have been using Mielle moisturizing and detangling conditioner. I will happily say that I stay true to this conditioner. It’s so good on my natural locks, as well as my extensions. It makes disentangling your hair a breeze. I also use it as a deep conditioner when steaming my hair. Your hair comes out soft and hydrated. Which is great for me as I feel like my hair tends to get really dry. It will therefore also be a flagship product of the winter for me.

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