Teen mom Farrah Abraham looks unrecognizable as she shows off shocking transformation in new video

TEEN Mom Farrah Abraham filmed herself unrecognizable, showing off her stunning new hair transformation.

The MTV alum was seen visiting a celebrity hairstylist to have her hair dyed blonde and have long extensions mixed with her thick natural hair.


Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Showed Off Her New Hair On TikTokCredit: TIKTOK / @ glamformation
The star was seen dyeing her hair blonde during the makeover


The star was seen dyeing her hair blonde during the makeoverCredit: TIKTOK / @ glamformation

Farrah, 30, who rose to fame on Teen Mom OG, took to TikTok to show off her amazing new hairstyle.

The former reality TV star shared every step of her hair transformation with her followers, from the process of bleaching to washing and stretching.

The mum-of-one smiled for the camera as she synced to viral TikTok sound from the children’s cartoon Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse.

“It’s really not that bad, he just needs a little workout – in the living room!” Farrah articulated before the barber got down to work on the long process.

Her new look was completed with a blow-dry, leaving her locks in beach-ready waves as she turned her head back and forth to show them off.

“Love it,” she said over the cartoon audio as she played with her long hair, gently twirling it for the camera.

“Put on your glam,” Farrah added in a follow-up video of her new hair as she posed for a photoshoot in Morocco, North Africa.

Farrah isn’t the only one to have had a hair transformation recently, as her daughter Sophia dyed her hair bright red.

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Late last month, Farrah proudly filmed the 12-year-old showing off the new red streaks in her dark hair.

In another video, Sophia wore a crop top and high waisted jeans to the barbershop – smiling from ear to ear at her new look.

While the youngster looked gorgeous, critics felt that Farrah seemed to “encourage” Sophia to appear older than she was.

One of them wrote on Reddit: “I can’t help but think that Farrah is encouraging her to act / dress much older than her. She’s 12.”

Another added: “Sophia is such a beautiful young woman. I hope she moves away from the toxicity of Farrah and her family.”


A third wrote: “Well I was the same when I was 12 but my dad would never let me out of the house showing skin lol.”

Fans slammed Farrah again earlier this month after taking the young teen to an ‘inappropriate’ yacht party in Mexico.

The star shared a series of clips from the outing where she was drinking on the boat with three men while her daughter was present.

Fans responded furiously to the photos, noticing that Sophia appeared to be the only child at the party.

Farrah’s parenthood has been in question for some time, and their concerns escalated when she admitted to dealing with child protection services.

In her Dream Twenties: Self Guided Self Help Memoir, Farrah said the agency “threatened to remove” Sophia for her “dangerous” actions as a parent.

Farrah also had extensions in her hair


Farrah also had extensions in her hairCredit: TIKTOK / @ glamformation
Last month Farrah's daughter Sophie, 12, had her hair transformed with a red dye


Last month Farrah’s daughter Sophie, 12, had her hair transformed with a red dyeCredit: TIKTOK
Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia, 12, wears a crop top and has her hair dyed bright red

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