Tell us what you think about whether schools should discipline kids for haircuts

After a mother temporarily pulled her son out of school over a disagreement over her son’s haircut, we want to know if schools should discipline children about how they style their hair.

Mum Sam Deyes has withdrawn her son Charlie, 14, from Kingswood Academy in Hull after he was placed in solitary confinement because his haircut ‘did not comply with school policies’.

Despite an attempt to fix the short back and cut sides to try to comply with policies, Charlie was returned to solitary confinement the following day. This saw Sam take action by temporarily keeping Charlie out of school.

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Sam said, “They [the school] said it because of a fade line or something and you could see two contrasting colors.

“I said, ‘Well obviously you’re going to see two contrasting colors because the half is shaved off and the top is cut off.’ He didn’t add any colors or anything like that.”

Some readers have already commented on their support, with one saying, “Parents should put the boy somewhere else. The haircut doesn’t distract the other students.”

Another also said: “I don’t see the problem. It’s his choice.”

However, not everyone agreed with one person commenting, “The rules are the rules!”

Do you think schools should discipline kids for their haircuts? Let us know in the “Comments” section.

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