The 10 most unfair eliminations, according to Reddit

As with any reality TV contest, Project track is a show whose fans aren’t always on the same page as its judges, especially when it comes to who the judges refer to each episode. In fact, many fans took the Project track Reddit threads to advocate for their favorite creators.

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Many Reddit users believe that some designers have been wrongly criticized for their designs compared to other competitors. These dedicated fans discuss in the subreddit how the designers of the Project track seasons haven’t been able to show their full potential after being knocked out too early.

ten Chris mars

Chris March project track

Project track Chris March from season 4, in the words of a Reddit user, “took the cake” as the most unfair elimination as he was “eliminated twice under questionable circumstances”.

The Redditor went on to note how “his men’s clothes which were properly constructed and fashionable were weeded out compared to people who had pants held together by hot glue and a dream. Then he got knocked out a second. times for using hair extensions in his final collection. because the judges were squeamish.… So Chris March was knocked out twice in a season for showing excellent building skills and his knowledge of building trends. industry. Awesome. “

9 Kenley collins

Kenley Collins poses for a photo

Kenley Collins first impressed fans in Season 5 before appearing in the All-Star Season 1, a season that ended in the Project track canon as unfairly giving Kenley the boot. A Reddit user described Kenley’s elimination as giving off the vibe of “very ‘okay, you’ve exhausted your welcome.'”

Another user simply wrote, “Kenley deserved better.” Still another user “I’ll always be mad at Kenley’s elimination from AS1, she was so underrated and so deserved the top 3.”

8 Jerell scott

Jerell Scott smiling in Project Runway

A Reddit user described the elimination of Jerrell Scott from Season 5 as one of the most surprising and mind-boggling. Although he may have been eliminated prematurely, Jerell was able to return to Project track in the seasons of the stars to show off his designer chops.

Other editors agreed that he should have gone further in Season 5, summing up their arguments as to why so simply, “Agree on eliminating Jerell” being incredibly unwarranted.

7 Gordana gehlhausen

Gordana Gehlhausen on the trail of Project Runway

Season 6 could have been ranked as one of the best seasons of Project track, but it also fell in Project track history for all the wrong reasons after eliminating Gordana Gehlhausen prematurely. An user asserted: “Gordana was robbed by hell.”

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Another Reddit user wrote: “Gordana’s elimination was a BS, mostly because she was the best in the challenge.” Yet another user even went so far as to claim that “knocking out Gordana for her gorgeous Monet-inspired Getty Museum dress just before the last 3” was the judges’ worst decision ever.

6 McKell Maddox

McKell Maddox smiling for the camera

A Reddit user started a conversation in hopes of acknowledging McKell Maddox’s unfair elimination from Project track season 8. They asked, “Is Mckell from season 8 the most WTF elimination ever? There were two people who hadn’t even finished an outfit and then McKell was sent home because of poor style? They didn’t even seem to speak so badly about her outfit. I remember Heidi saying ‘Mckell, you’re out there’ and my jaw dropping to the floor. “

Another user agreed, throwing other options as to who should have taken his place: “I actually think Casanova should have been knocked out on McKell. Jason was stapled but at least looked good IMO. Even Ivy should have been eliminated on McKell. A lot of people should have. “

5 Korina Emmerich

Korina Emmerich posing for a photo

Korina Emmerich may not have been liked by everyone Project track fan, but the events that led to his elimination also displeased viewers.

A Reddit user revealed an unpopular opinion, stating, “For S13, I think Korina was treated fairly unfairly. Especially with this twist between her and Char. If they hadn’t, Char would have been cut.” Another user agreed, “It seemed designed to exploit Korina’s insecurities and temper in the name of drama. She wasn’t perfect from afar, but the production was really cruel to her.”

4 Austin scarlett

Austin Scarlett at work on Project Runway

The Project track game has changed a lot since its first seasons. One thing that has remained the same, however, is the opinion of fans that the elimination of Austin Scarlet was not fair. A Reddit user Said, “I’ll always be annoyed that Austin Scarlett didn’t make it to fashion week. I just reviewed season one to keep the injury fresh.”

Another Reddit user argued, “I always thought Austin Scarlett shouldn’t have been knocked out right before the final. In that first season it was just one challenge and they didn’t even consider the previous job as they do now. He was far superior and should have been in the final. “

3 Wendy Pepper

Wendy Pepper talks to camera in Project Runway

Like many beloved designers, Wendy Pepper has returned to Project track to compete as a star. However, she didn’t go as far as she did during Season 1, instead she was knocked out after the second challenge. This outraged fans of the series, many of whom echoed a Reddit user claim that “the elimination of Wendy’s All Stars was absolutely BS.”

Another user commented: “I didn’t understand what the judges didn’t like so much about her, but they REALLY didn’t like her job [on All Stars]. And I thought she slept regularly. “

2 Uli herzner

Uli Herzner posing for a promotional photo in Project Runway

Uli Herzner may not have been eliminated from Season 3 or All stars 2, but the fact that she didn’t win either caused some Reddit users to act like she was kicked home. A Reddit user commented: “Even Uli, the sweetheart of her two seasons was snubbed at the end both times.”

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Another editor added: “For me, the worst judging decision ever was that Uli didn’t win AS2. Even Anthony Ryan thought she deserved it.” Yet another commentator okay, stating: “I’ll always be mad at [Uli not winning]. Anthony Ryan’s collection in no way deserved to seduce his. He’s even sort of admitted it in post-show interviews. “

1 Irina Chabayeva

Irina Shabayeva in the workshop of Project Runway

Irina is not only the winner of Season 6, she is also considered one of the best Project track competitors with the most impressive sewing skills. However, his stints on seasons of the stars made fans feel angry on his behalf, with a Reddit user labeling his elimination of All stars 3 one of the most unfair judgmental decisions.

Another user commented, “Irina has slept through her two All Star seasons. She’s one of my absolute favorite designers on the show,” with another Redditor Okay, writing, “I’ll never accept Irina’s elimination in AS3. She’s definitely one of the best creators to ever be on the show.”

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