The energizing shampoo saved my fine hair

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When you have thin hair, a good volumizing shampoo is deceptively hard to find. I’ve tried a lot – no-frills drugstore brands, luxury salon options, solid hippie bars, and heavily scented French imports – but none gave my locks the punch I was looking for. Either I didn’t notice any loosening at the roots or they coated my hair with heavy thickening agents which invariably led to greasy and dirty buildup. So I began to consider that a volumizing shampoo was suitable if it did not leave me. worse disabled. That is, until I try Davines Energizing Shampoo (which, by the way, is 20% off right now with the exclusive code FORBESFAV20).

During the pandemic my hair got long, really long. It cut salon bills but made my hair even thinner. But I liked the swishy length so I didn’t want to cut it. Then I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance which I discovered makes me particularly prone to hair loss and dry, brittle strands. Great. So when an email appeared in my inbox from a publicist for Davines, the revered Italian botanical hair care line, wondering if I wanted to try the energizing shampoo from the brand’s Naturaltech line. She told me it was designed to help “fine, brittle strands”, and I was sold.

Davines unisex shampoo is nothing new; It was released over a decade ago and seems to have a cult following (the only negative reviews seem to come from people wanting the bottles to be full. even higher to the top with the magic elixir). And after trying it for myself, I can totally see why. When I use the Energizing Shampoo in conjunction with Davines Energizing Thickening Tonic, my hair is noticeably fuller. And according to my colleagues, it also looks bulkier on Zoom.

Davines shampoo comes out of the bottle with a slightly gooey consistency because it’s ultra-concentrated – you don’t need a lot to get full lather. The formula itself contains a proprietary blend of green tea extract and vitamin B3 to calm inflammation, caffeine-based phytoceuticals to stimulate and encourage hair growth and a “microbiotic booster”, an infusion of molecules created by Davines scientists to preserve the skin barrier of the scalp and prevent breakage. When you massage it, it tingles, it smells Great mint (like sinus cleanse, mint in toothpaste) and unlike many other body boosting shampoos, it made my hair thicker at the root but without any buildup. It’s also worth noting that the sulfate-free liquid didn’t strip my dyed hair of its colorful glory (phew).

As I mentioned above, for an extra boost, I pair the Energizing Shampoo with the brand’s New Energizing Thickening Tonic, a leave-in texturizing spray that swells the diameter of the hair fiber. It comes in a squat bottle with a very powerful spray applicator that sends a full blast of the tonic (also very minty) into your scalp. Then you are supposed to massage it and comb it out. What I love most about this formula is that it leaves my hair soft and manageable, not at all straight or crisp, as mousse and the like sometimes do without rinsing. Davines claims vitamin B tonic increases hair thickness by 10 percent, and after using it regularly for a month, I can totally attest to that.

Fans of good hair know that Davines rarely, if ever, sells its hair products. So it’s a big deal that the brand is offering a discount exclusively to Forbes Vetted readers until October 31. The code FORBESFAV20 you will get 20% off the energizing shampoo (limit one bottle per customer, please). Start there and you will probably decide to explore the toners and other hair products (scalp serums, treatment gels) from the Energizing Line once you see how voluminous, bouncy and thick your hair gets. .

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