The evolution of Karine Martins’ style in pictures

Karine Martins Staehle first appeared in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise in 2017. The Brazilian reality star’s look has been evolving ever since.

Karine Staehle, born Martins, has played in several 90 day fiance spin-offs over the years, but his style has changed dramatically since his franchise debut. The Brazilian was in one of the most tumultuous relationships in the franchise, with Kentucky man Paul Staehle. Karine’s family life has radically changed several times since the beginning of her relationship with Paul, and with her, her style too. Many viewers said they could really notice the different stages of Karine’s life reflected in her style and overall look.

Karine first appeared in 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 1 alongside Paul after the two connected online. When Karine and Paul met in person, she was 21 and looked young. However, the relationship was soon filled with mistrust and drama. Despite this, Paul and Karine got married and had two sons. Karine moved to Kentucky, where the drama continued. Paul accused Karine of running away from him with their sons, and Karine accused Paul of taking away her green card. Eventually, videos of Paul and Karine fighting began to appear online. Often the fights took place in front of their two sons, Ethan and Pierre.


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Paul and Karine began the process of filing for divorce in late 2021. Many fans were relieved that this couple called it off, due to their constant bickering. However, rumors swirled that Paul got full custody of Ethan and Pierre. Because this rumor has yet to be confirmed, many fans are concerned about the well-being of the children. On her social networks, Karine asked her subscribers not to ask questions about her children. She explained that the process is ongoing, so she can’t talk about it. During each of these distinct phases of Karine’s life, she sported a different look.

When Karine first met Paul

When Karine and Paul first met in person, Karine was often seen wearing bathing suits, shorts and skimpy dresses. Her hair was long and fans noticed how skinny the Brazilian woman was. Yet at the time, Karine was 21 and living with her family in Tonantins, Brazil. Being single and living with her parents in Brazil is a very different lifestyle to living in Kentucky with two children, so it makes sense that Karine’s style has changed significantly from when fans first met her. .

When Karine moved to the United States with Paul

After moving to Kentucky in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 5, Karine changed her hairstyle, and she also received facials. The Brazilian beauty dyed her hair bright blue. Around the same time, she also underwent two cosmetic procedures. With the procedures, the former 90 day fiance star has fuller lips as well as fuller, more dramatic brows. Although followers agreed that the Brazilian woman looked very different from before, they were split on whether or not Karine’s new look suited her.

After parting ways with Paul

After Karine and Paul began the divorce filing process, Karine debuted a completely different hairstyle and hair color. Instead of blue, the reality TV star changed her hair to look blue towards the middle, then slowly fade to purple. Karine showed off her new look on her Instagram account in January 2022, around the same time she started focusing on her cosmetology career. Along with noticing that Karine had lost weight, fans also realized that the TV star had a much more relaxed look since her relationship with Paul ended. In a recent Instagram post, Karine revealed even more weight loss in a photo that showed a matching orange fitness set. 90 day fiance fans are loving her new style.

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Source: Karine Staehle/Instagram, Karine Staehle/Instagram

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