The new craze for straight bone wigs in Nigeria

Over the past year, many Instagram the sellers proudly displayed this sleek, silky hair on their social media pages with women from all over Nigeria eyeing them.

According to Google, since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, questions such as ‘straight bone hair’ have been among the most searched beauty terms by Nigerians and searches for ‘straight bone wig’ have increased by more than 4000%.

This begs the question: Are Nigerian women in love with status symbols like the last hair? And is it really a status symbol if the woman in question finds it affordable?

A status symbol is something that a person owns that shows wealth or wealth.

Based on an Instagram poll, most people agreed that straight bone wigs are status symbols.

However, with our unemployment rate at 33.3% and those working on average N50,000 or less as wages. Why do Nigerian women still have time to covet such luxury items?

The price of some of these bony straight wigs is half a million in addition to the cost of the frontal installation.

This year the Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky posted a video on Instagram where she said she was Nigeria’s tallest girl because her wig costs over a million naira and she has an HD frontal.

Unless you are a millionaire, it seems ridiculous spending that much on a wig. Some women have defended this extravagant amount by saying it was an investment. You can hardly blame them, these wigs look good.

I did a poll on Instagram, where I asked if the cost of human hair wigs was outrageous and a lot of people agreed it was.

Damien, think “Straight bone wigs are so thin! If you have the money spend it because they look so beautiful. “

Biola said, “If I have the money for it, I’ll buy it. But I know they’re pretty popular, even men know it. “

However, there is no need to spend such an extravagant amount. You can buy a good straight bone for around 70,000 to 100,000 N.

But the craving for these latest wigs makes women oblivious to the obvious traps and scammers online. This year alone, many hairstyling companies like Mizwanneka have been called online for selling fake or substandard hair.

These women are not getting their money’s worth compared to the fabulous Instagram hair the seller used to attract them.

Yet over time, women send shockingly large sums of money to those Instagram sellers who have no plans to ship their wigs and would likely block them for complaining too much.

There is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, there are many reputable Instagram sellers out there, and these are the people you should order from. Additionally, many have walk-in stores that you can visit to assess hair before purchasing it.

But no matter how many times Nigerian women get ripped off, they won’t let go of their pursuit of good hair extensions and, who can blame them? A good straight bone wig is a fabulous status symbol.

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