TV host, fitness instructor, chef and hairstylist Keith Marshall says goodbye to his Santa Barbara Westside salon

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Keith Marshall heard many interesting stories and met countless families while cutting and coloring hair for 40 years on the Santa Barbara Westside. It is now a final chapter in its history.

Marshall is far from finished. He hosts a community TV show in Lompoc where he lives called “Kickin’ it With Keith”. It also airs on TVSB in Santa Barbara.

At the Pars and Recreation department in Lompoc, he teaches fitness classes.

Marshall has also taught consumers how to prepare the tastiest meals with their leftovers and is an independent chef.

Cutting hair was his passion and something he started in his twenties right out of cosmetology school. He saves his money and was able to buy the Town and Country Salon on San Andres Street.

Over the years he has met many people from the community, their children, loved ones and heard many stories about their lives.

He even passed several members of the Los Angeles Raiders on a trip to meet up with friends in Santa Barbara.

Marshall said, “I never thought about staying in Santa Barbara, but I mean what a great place to be able to say you’ve had a business for 40 years.”

He loved the friendships with his clients and will miss it. “I love the interaction with the kids. They got to see my kid grow up and I got to watch their kids grow up. It was pretty cool.”

Marshall says he was able to start his business with his own money and never applied for a small business loan. “I was really trying to write Joe Biden and any president to use me as a liaison to show what I had to go through,” he said of helping others with their businesses as well.

Marshall takes a short break to take care of his personal tasks, then he will resume his dance lessons and if that’s not enough, he is also a freelance DJ for hire.

Over the years, Marshall has had many highlights, including attending President Obama’s inauguration as a guest of Congresswoman Lois Capps.

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