Unwrap Lady Gaga’s Hair Evolution with Frederic Aspiras

Over the years, Lady Gaga has undergone more hair transformations than you can possibly do. Pepto Bismol-pink, Lichtenstein-yellow and, even, vivid aquamarine. She’s had pixie cuts, Hollywood curls, and Elvis Presley-inspired sideburns. She wore meat hats and hair knots. And now for her latest transformation into Patrizia Reggiani in Gucci House, She’s returned to her brunette roots, thanks to celebrity wigmaker and stylist Frederic Aspiras. Here, Vogue talks to longtime collaborator about the iconic evolution of Gaga’s hair.

How long have you worked with Lady Gaga?

I’ve been Lady Gaga’s hairstylist and wig designer since 2009. Together we’ve created some of the most iconic and influential hairstyles and hair color looks in pop culture, and now we’re starting a new chapter in it. magical world of cinema with Gucci House.

How would you describe your working relationship?

Our relationship has grown and expanded over the years. She’s a creative genius and it’s so exciting to work and grow with her as we’ve developed iconic and influential looks that have helped shape the hair industry.

How would you describe Lady Gaga’s hair approach?

Gaga’s hair has been a staple in some of her most iconic looks over the years. We’ve worked to really understand what message she wants to convey through her hairstyles. We are constantly changing and developing different styles to help tell our story.

What are your favorite looks and eras you’ve created with it?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite because I think all of our looks reflected very well how we felt at the time and the story we wanted to convey. I was able to achieve such amazing looks using some of my favorite JOICO products – Dream Blowout, Power Spray, and K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock. To achieve Gaga’s well-known platinum blonde, we use JOICO Blonde Life; it helps to deeply nourish blonde hair.

Can you tell us a bit about your experience working on House of Gucci?

For Gucci House, I was responsible for creating and designing all the wigs and hairstyle looks for Lady Gaga in her role as Patrizia Reggiani in the film. I worked closely with the film’s costume designer, Janty Yates, to create a directory book dedicated to Lady Gaga’s look – who ended up doing over 350 pages of hairstyle, makeup and costume for each scene. Her character needed 10 custom, full lace, hand-tied human hair wigs. Each wig was delicately colored or highlighted with a professional hair color to describe where the character was in her life, the circumstances, and the time period. Gucci House was a magical experience and taught me a lot about the craft, the work and the dedication it takes to make the film.

How is this different from your regular work with Gaga?

The film took months of preparation and research to master the role of Patrizia Reggiani and understand the fashion and trends throughout the decade. The time I spent working on this project exceeded any other project I have been involved in. But it was an incredible experience.

What was your creative process and inspiration for the looks and what did you want Patrizia’s hair to communicate about her?

The progression of the character’s life had to be represented not only by the script and the setting, but also in his hair. I worked very closely on a daily basis with Lady Gaga’s makeup artist for this role and we combined our many finds of inspiration or style proofs. The path to building character Patrizia Reggiani’s hair spans 1972-1997. Even during all of the transition times, I was able to use my JOICO products to help develop Patrizia’s multitude of looks. They were really essential to evolve the looks we wanted to create.

There was not much of her life documented in photos or videos as a young woman to refer to, and with the photos available and with the documentary on Maurizio Gucci’s murder, I had to create a full forensic analysis of her hairstyles of a blushing youth married to a despised and condemned older woman. It was essential to do investigative reporting on her lifestyle as a 24-year-old Italian woman who lived in Rome. It was very important to be as genuine and honest as possible.

As the story of the film progresses, the slightest changes in hair color can be seen. She starts off a virgin dark brown, as she comes from a working-class family and probably didn’t go to an upscale luxury hair salon to have her hair dyed by a specialist, until the moment she started. to form a relationship with Maurizio Gucci. She is starting to play the role of a society woman and wants so much to be accepted into the Gucci dynasty, so her hair gets neater then longer and is professionally highlighted to meet the trends of the time.

Looking to the future, what’s the next step on your creative journey with Lady Gaga? How would you like it to evolve?

We’re still growing together and I think right now we just want to be there and enjoy each other and what we’ve accomplished so far.

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