Woman devastated after spending $300 on haircut that makes her look like a ‘Karen’

A woman is broken after spending a breathtaking US$300 for a haircut that made her look like a “Karen”.

In the hilarious ICT Tac captioned video, “It’s Mrs. Pumpkin for you m’am”, the woman sobs over her new do while comparing herself to an authorized mom on the “PTA”.

“I just paid $300 to look like I’m fucking Karen. Look like I’m on the PTA. I swear I don’t fucking drive minivan,” She cried.

“I look like I have three sons playing whore tee ball.”

She continued, “I look like I collect coupons, oh my.

“Okay, let’s practice, ‘Let me talk to your manager.’ Oh my God, why does God hate me!”

The video, which has racked up over 5.8 million views, left ICT Tac hysterical users, with one person writing, “Karen? Is that you?”


A third wrote: “When you laugh so hard you cry.”

But many understood the woman’s situation, because they too were disappointed after getting a new haircut.

One user wrote: “Honey, I’ve been there! I got an 8 inch cut unexpectedly, and the barber kept cutting, I was in tears.

Another wrote: “I need to know what you wanted in the first place? Like how did she mess up so badly? Not that it sounds bad, but you clearly mean it.

While a third user added, “Some hairdressers love messing up women’s hair; I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me; I just cut my own hair now.

Cut your own hair? No matter how many times my barber made me look like a portobello mushroom, there’s no way I practice DIY on my locks. It’s bold.

In a monitoring video, the sweet woman debuted her new hairstyle, which is visibly shorter than her previous one and revealed that she had turned to a at home hair dye kit to give yourself a more edgy and contemporary look.

She also revealed that she channeled her inner “Karen” to ask the hair salon for a refund.

“I went into full Karen mode; I tried to get a refund and was denied, so yeah, I have to live with that,” she said.

“To all the sweet farts trying to make me feel better and tell me I didn’t look so bad, oh my god, no honey, you’re so wrong.”

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