Ximena Reveals Stylish Makeover After Pregnancy Update

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 star Ximena Morales confirms on Instagram that she’s not pregnant, as she poses with brand new hair.

Ancient 90 day fiance Star Ximena Morales has wowed Instagram fans with her transformation amid rumors that she is pregnant. Periera resident Ximena was shunned by TLC viewers when she first saw her on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days, because they thought she was a gold digger. The truth was that Ximena agreed to enter into a transactional relationship with Mike Berk when he found her on an adult modeling site. Ximena had agreed to become a model again after her breakup with Mike, but the New Yorker didn’t take no for an answer.

Mike and Ximena somehow reunited for the Tell-All. They seemed to have buried their differences and planned to fly to Cartagena to start things over. But soon enough, news of Mike and Ximena’s split broke online. Ximena and a man named Josh Romeo have been seen together numerous times on her social media. Fans deduced that Ximena had a mystery boyfriend who was just her type after she dumped Mike. Amidst all the commotion, Ximena started claiming she was single. So when she posted an ultrasound photo of a five-month-old baby on Instagram Stories, out of the blue, fans were both confused and worried.


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It appeared that Ximena wanted to wish her pregnant friend her best wishes for becoming a mother soon. The friend had already named Ximena godmother to her unborn granddaughter. Perhaps to celebrate the joyous occasion, Ximena decided to have her hair braided with bright blue extensions. Ximena posed on Instagram in a white off-the-shoulder top and ripped blue jeans that barely covered her stomach. Ximena’s beautiful tattoos were on full display in a rare photo of her with her hands on her hips.

As usual, Ximena did not caption her post and decided to ignore all the negative comments coming for her makeover. Some fans liked Ximena and told her she was gorgeous and called her things like “Bonita” and “Hermosa.“However, many comments trashed Ximena’s new look saying she looked rough and was hungry for attention.”Congratulations on your pregnancy,” someone else said. Others corrected the TLC viewer by reminding them how Ximena had his tubes tied and burned before meeting Mike, but kept him in the dark about it.

A mother of two, Ximena refused to give Mike a baby, even though he looked desperate enough to start a family. Ximena didn’t even want to get engaged to Mike. It was her family who asked her to imagine herself in America after her marriage and forced her to say yes to Mike. Yet the feisty Ximena used all her might to reject Mike just before their wedding. With Mike and his messy habits and angry behavior out of the way, 90 day fiance Star Ximena is living her best life, oblivious to toxic comments.

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