Yu Gi Oh ! Season 0: 10 subtle details fans missed

Before Yu Gi Oh ! Duel of monsters anime that led to the popular franchise, Toei Animation had already made a Yu Gi Oh ! lively. Based on the early chapters of the original Yu Gi Oh ! manga, this 1998 series ran for 27 episodes, and has since been named Yu Gi Oh ! Season 0 by the fans.

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Unlike the last chapters of the manga and the second anime, Yu Gi Oh ! Season 0 does not focus on the card game. Instead, the show focuses on various games. Since this first series isn’t as well-known as its sequels and is different from the rest of the franchise, there are a lot of hidden aspects that fans might have missed.

ten Famous voice actress for Yugi / Yami / Atem

Actress Megumi Ogata

Since Yu Gi Oh ! Duel of monsters, Shunsuke Kazama has been the voice actor for the sane Yugi Mutou and Yami Yugi / Atem in all Japanese dubbing. But in Yu Gi Oh ! Season 0, Yugi and Yami were voiced by famous actress and singer Megumi Ogata. She is the voice of many notable anime characters, including Sailor Uranus from Sailor moon, Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yukito Tsukishiro from Sakura card sensor, and Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa series.

While Shunsuke Kazama is an iconic voice for these two characters, Megumi Ogata does an amazing job and her voice gives the characters a certain charm. Her voice for Yugi helps convey her insecurities at the start of the series, and her voice for Yami gives her a scary vibe that goes well with the dark tone of that first show.

9 The original Digimon director worked on the show

Yami Yugi holding a card in Yu-Gi-Og season 0

This first Yu Gi Oh ! the series has a particular animation style and a feel that subsequent seasons do not have. One of the reasons is that the director of Yu Gi Oh ! Season 0 is a different director than the one who directed Yu Gi Oh ! Duel of monsters. directed by Kunihisa Sugishima Yu Gi Oh ! Duel of monsters, and the sharp lines and action-oriented emphasis of the animation seems to reflect his previous experience working on the Gundam franchise.

Corn, Yu Gi Oh ! Season 0 was directed by Hiroyuki Kakudō, who is best known for directing Digimon Adventure and Digimon adventure 02. Unlike the following seasons, Season 0 has a softer animation design, which looks more like those old ones Digimon seasons. Similar to how the original Digimon The seasons explored darker subjects, this first season also focused on darker themes compared to the later series.

8 Yami’s slogans

Yami Yugi with an evil expression on his face in Yu-Gi-Oh season 0

Whoever watched Yu Gi Oh ! Duel of monsters knows Yami’s iconic slogan “Time to duel!”. Considering that recent seasons have almost always been about the titular card game, it makes sense that Yami’s words reflect that goal. Corn, Season 0 explore various games, because Yu Gi Oh was originally from someone who was good at all games rather than a series that only focused on one.

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Because Yami Yugi participates in several different games throughout this start of the season, his recurring slogans are “start of the game” and “let’s play a game”.

7 Seto Kaiba’s design looks like Noah

Seto Kaiba Season 0 Yu-Gi-Oh

Before Seto Kaiba had his brown hair which he had in almost every adaptation, Season 0 Seto Kaiba had vibrant green hair, which is regularly mocked in the general fandom and in the Yu Gi Oh ! Short series. Even fans who haven’t seen this start of the season are usually familiar with this old design because of all the memes.

But, some fans may not have understood the fact that the hairstyle and color of Seto Kaiba’s early hair looks a lot like one of the only anime antagonists in Yu Gi Oh ! Duel of monsters. Noah Kaiba, who is one of the antagonists in the virtual-only animated world arc, also has bright green hair and his outfit is eerily similar to Seto Kaiba’s. Season 0 outfit. Since this is an original season of anime, it was likely a little Easter egg from the animators.

6 Yugi never used the black magician

Yugie confronts Kaiba in season 0 of Yu-Gi-Oh

In Yu Gi Oh ! Duel of monsters and all adaptations and later, Yugi’s main card has always been the Dark Magician card. Yugi’s strong affiliation with this card is similar to Joey Wheeler’s (Katsuya Jonouchi) attachment to the Red Eyes Black Dragon card and Seto’s obsession with the Blue Eyes White Dragon card.

Despite this, Yugi never used the Dark Magician card in the Season 0 lively. Even in the few episodes where the card game appeared, Yugi still hasn’t used this card, but he does use it in the opening song and later summons the Dark Magician in the movie that accompanies this first series. This aspect is just another way the old series shows just how Yu Gi Oh ! was originally compared to what it has become.

5 Card holders are different

Yami Yugi holding a Duel Monster Card in Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0

Even though the characters in the anime call the card game “Duel Monsters”, the back of the cards in the Season 0 the anime is different from the standard look that the cards would have later on. Instead of the typical vortex, the letters “M” and “W” were painted on the back.

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Since the anime is based on the early chapters of the manga and quite faithfully copies the art style, the design of the cards in Season 0 is the same as the design of the first chapters. This design was different because the card game in the early chapters was called “Magic and Wizards”, and the game had different rules from “Duel Monsters”. Although the Season 0 the version looks more like “Duel Monsters”, it kept the same design.

4 Different games of the manga

A poster for season 0 of Yu-Gi-Oh with Yami Yugi, Yugi and Joey

Despite Season 0 being based on the early chapters of the manga, there are some slight differences. One of the biggest differences is the addition of Miho Nosaka, who was a character that appeared in a chapter of the manga as one of the main characters. But, there are other differences that are less noticeable. For example, some of the games in the manga have been changed for the anime.

An example of this is at the start of the anime when Yugi builds a card tower on his school desk. In the manga, he instead plays Pop-up Pirate. Another situation is when Yami challenges Ushio. While the manga featured a dangerous game of placing money on the player’s hand and stabbing them with a knife, the anime dragged Yami and Ushio into the school building while turning over standard cards. This continues throughout the anime and makes the anime more unique.

3 The role of Tristan

Trsitan with the back of his head in Yu-Gi-Oh season 0

Another difference between the manga and the anime is the role of Tristan (Hiroto Honda) in the first chapter. In the manga, Tristan is Joey’s boyfriend who helps Joey bully Yugi. But, in the anime, Tristan disagrees with Joey’s actions and refuses to help him.

Essentially, the character of Tristan has a bigger role in the Season 0 lively. Instead of just being Joey’s sidekick, he acts as a foil for Joey and also criticizes his actions, giving him a lot more dimension and individual personality in the anime than he had in the manga.

2 School transformation

Yugi on the beaten floor in Yu-Gi-Oh season 0

In the first episode, the Season 0 the anime changes the sequence of events slightly to make the action flow faster. During the first chapter of the manga, Yugi returns home after being beaten up by Ushio at school. Then he receives the final piece of the Millennium Puzzle from his grandfather, who tells Yugi that a friend visited the store and gave Grandpa the last piece. For the first episode, however, the story was changed so that Joey gave the piece to Yugi at school.

This change speeds up the action, as it means Yugi transforms into Yami right after being beaten by Ushio rather than after a short break. By doing this, the story maintains the action and tension without stopping, which makes the first episode more intense.

1 Yugi’s mother

One small detail that is in the manga but not in the anime is the existence of Yugi’s mother. At the start of the manga, she appears once to tell Yugi to stop playing games all day, but in the anime, she never appears at all.

Although Yugi’s mother no longer appears in the manga, it’s interesting that the anime never mentions her. This little detail also makes fans wonder what happened to her and why she doesn’t have a bigger role in the narrative.

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